Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

So I guess everyone is kinda hanging on updates... well, not much to report except that the pills I am on are doing their job and I feel good. I really hope that its a sign of positive things to come. I meet with the cardiologist this Friday afternoon, thanks to my doctor from the ER making a huge pull that it was urgent. Of course, I hate the thought of something being so wrong that its urgent, but not going to stress, as stress is bad. Booooo. So, looks like we have a name for what happened at least.... 'Postpartum heart failure'. Yeah, I don't like it much, something about the words 'heart failure' that make you a bit queasy.

My blood pressure has been really good, the first few days it was high again but I think that was just the stress I was feeling of knowing what I had. Since then its been practically perfect, and the weight continues to drop. I am over 25lb down, mostly fluid I assume, but some I hope is my baby weight too. Either way, I feel good and love how I am looking, basically that I don't look pregnant, ha! I went and did my blood test this morning, I am getting really good at this needle thing. So now we wait for Friday... pray for us and good results - I have some huge reasons to recover... as you can see. My little angels!

This week has been busy, but also been one of rest. The Saturday I started the pills but it was a huge shock to my system and I spent most of the day in bed feeling very dizzy. Sunday was much better and we made it to church and Stella's for lunch. Monday was mellow too, which was good. Dad, Rita and Katie came over for a visit and bring by some mail. We also had a web chat with Ken's mom, Ariel put on a show... she is good for a laugh that is for sure. Oh, speaking of Mom, she sent me a gift certificate to the spa!!!! YAY! Something fun to look forward to when I am back in the groove again. Huge thank you! I am very excited, hee.

Today was a productive day, and I must say it was really nice. First off we go my blood test done, and then drove to see our new family doctor. Since we were early, we decided to do some shopping and I picked up a gift for Carter's birthday this week, and Ken and Ariel hit the book store.

Then it was time for Xander's first visit, mainly for checking his weight. Happy to say he is 8.5lb so he is back to birth weight. A huge answer of prayer for me was when we were talking I mentioned what happened after my delivery, since she was getting background for his chart, well she has seen a case of this! Yes, my very rare condition, she has dealt with before back when working in Saskatoon. This was a relief to me as it seems only people have 'heard of it'. So I will get all my info sent to her, and I feel good about it.

Speaking of doctors while on the subject, our old family doctor has been receiving all the info on things since technically her name is still on everything for copies. She called me today in a panic since she was freaking out about me. I nearly cried I was so touched. She had called the hospital thinking I was still there, and again was shocked at what happened. I am sure going to miss her, a wonderful doctor.

After the doctor, we decided a nice lunch was in order, so we went to White Spot and it was so nice to sit as a little family of four. Xander slept through it while we ate, and Ariel was a doll charming everyone in sight. That girl can really turn on the charm when she wants to... but I will tell you, she can also be a real little monkey too, so I guess that is the 3 year old world.

Came home and I rested the rest of the afternoon with Xander. He is such a little cuddle bear, I love it. Ariel wasn't so cuddly, so I am enjoying it. As you can see, he is also a rock star, hair and all. Haha.

Tomorrow is Ariel's first official day of pre-school! She is so excited and so am I. Such a big day for our little girl and we have her outfit laid out, snack ready and homework done. (Yes, she had a little coloring sheet to do from the orientation day, so cute!) I also will be seeing my OB to tell her everything that happened, my life seems to be nothing but doctor's appointments, sigh.

So I will update on Friday with how things go... thank you everyone for your kind words, prayers and friendship. I truly appreciate it, and so does my family. Thank you.


Michelle said...

So many hugs and prayers Jay! I am glad to hear that it has a name. I wish all the best to you.

Kristin said...

So happy to read an update that you are feeling well.
Marin likes the picture of Ariel with Xander. :)
Hope Ariel has a super fun first day of preschool!
I will continue to pray for you, and I'll be watching for your next update.

Tera said...

Oh my goodness, Jay! I saw where you had posted about your ordeal on SK...so scary!! I'm so glad you are feeling better now. I had blood pressure issues after Braylee and was on meds for it. I too couldn't believe the change with the fluid coming off. My BP was bad... 204/108 I think was the highest, but I didn't have all of the other problems you experienced. Praying for God to continue to heal you. Love the new pictures of your kiddos! Oh- and won't that spa trip be amazing!!

kelly ens said...

i'm glad to hear things are improving - what a name for your condition though. anything with 'heart failure' in it is scary!
such cute pictures of your adorable kids. i know as parents we are always biased that our kids are the cutest, but rest assured - yours are REALLY cute!!! :)
good luck for Ariel's first day!

Brenda said...

Oh Jay, I'm so happy to read a happy update! I'm glad you're feeling better. The kids are gorgeous, as always - I still am in awe as to how much Xander looks like baby Ariel! Hope Friday goes well with lots of good news!

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