Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One Week!

Its hard to believe Xander has been here for a week... seems like he has always been here, such a wonderful feeling. We are loving getting to know our little man, and just can't get over his cuteness. He is a wonderful baby, and very much like Ariel was, just cries for food, diaper changes and cuddles. He is starting to have longer periods awake time where he watches us and coos. Ariel has been a doting sister, and is very quick to respond to his needs. Sometimes she just looks at us and says, 'I think he pooped' just so she can go get diapers and wipes. Haha.

This week has been tougher for me than Xander, which is why his wonderful nature has been a huge blessing. I have been struggling with the pain, and its frustrating. The muscle above my incision is what has been bothering me the most, as during my pregnancy it curved inwards. I can't remember the name my doctor called it, but its normal, but now that baby is out, it has to retract and return to its normal flat state... meaning ouch! As of today, its feeling more flat, but its tender to the touch and for awhile felt kinda like a sunburn on the skin, since a good portion of that area is numb from the surgery. I remember how that numb feeling lasted a year... some areas never returning feeling again. I know it sounds weird and creepy, but its nothing terrible, just kinda weird to poke a spot on your belly and not feel it. Wacky!

So my swelling in my legs has been bad, really bad. To the point where today I finally gave in and pretty much kept my feet elevated for the entire day. Pure torture for a busy body like myself. I will say that my ankles look pretty good tonight, so I guess I need to continue this. My blood pressure has been high too, so to bring it down, the swelling needs to come down. Blah.

This week we have had two visits from the health nurse. The first one had me a little concerned when we saw Xander hadn't gained any weight, but has lost more since coming home. I was shocked and couldn't figure it out because he eats like crazy, has the right number of dirty and wet diapers, and isn't showing any signs of jaundice. I felt terrible and for the next day and a half upped his nursing during the day and pumped extra to feed him. So today when he was reweighed and we saw a 3.6 oz weight increase, I was happy! So was the nurse, in fact she was blown away for such a large leap in such a short time. Yay!

Ariel has been enjoying all her extra time with Daddy, and its a huge help as I haven't been able to do much with her with my recovery. Her new favorite game is Mouse Trap. Countless hours have been spent setting it up and setting it off, no actual game playing is happening. Haha. Several times I have found her playing with the mice, making them talk and such, its pretty cute.

We have also been getting meals this week from friends from church. Ariel loves having people come over, and gets very excited. She has also been getting a few 'big sister' gifts from various visitors. One of her favorites was a Barbie fairy dress up kit. She danced all over the house in it, and every morning comes down and asks where it is. Too cute!

On Monday, Dianne and Hana came over to say goodbye and drop off some things they borrowed. Ariel and Hana had fun coloring in her room while I got a visit in with Dianne. Not sure when we will get to see them again in person, but at least we have blogs and facebook. I sure miss her.

Xander got his first at home bath last night, and decided he didn't like it. Nor is he a fan of getting his mane of hair washed. Haha.

However, the cuddle time in the towel following the bath proved to be a big hit!

Say hello to mini Ken!

Ariel is always quick to make sure she gets her picture taken too. Showing off her birthday pjs.

I got our birth announcements printed this week at London Drugs, so I will start getting those in the mail. Its something I can do while sitting, haha. Will post it on here once they are off. Also need to get our newspaper announcement dropped off... maybe tomorrow if we are on the ball. Ha!

Well, I have been sitting quite awhile, so I need to go put my feet up again. Need my rest so I can get better sooner!!! Yay!


Dianne said...

I miss you too!! Move to Calgary! :)

Kristin said...

I can imagine the lack of ability you have to do things is frustrating! Praying that your recovery speeds up.
Sounds like other then that though things are going really well. I remember when Corban joined our family very quickly it felt like he had always been with us. :) So fun!

tracie said...

Oh Jay, he is so beautiful!

Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!!

kelly ens said...

sorry for the pain of recovery :( i hope things improve for you soon.
Xander is just so cute - his hair, his perfect little nose - everything is just SO adorable about him!
Ariel is so cute in her princess dress :)

Brenda said...

Oh Jay, I hope you're back to your being your normal busy self soon! Xander is super cute - and totally is a mini-Ken! :D Love that hair!!

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