Thursday, October 01, 2009

We are Family!

Today was our first photo shoot as our completed family. Yes, we are to be a family of 4 for the long term, especially after my doctors have said that it is not in my best interest to have more children after what happened following Xander's birth. Ken and I always talked about maybe a 3rd baby one day, but I guess this is what the Lord has chosen for us, and we are happy with the blessings we have. Of course we mourned a little, but when we see our beautiful family, I can't feel like something is missing, because we have been given so much. Maybe one day a dog... hehe.

So we had our pictures taken this morning with Maria from Frozen Reflections. As usual she didn't disappoint and our kids did very well. Did you know that running a hair drier calms a fussy baby? Seriously, when Xander got grouchy at times we turned it on and 'poof' alert and focused baby, totally weird! Haha. Ariel had her brief moment of tears too, mainly because she wanted to play with the toys, but when she was in the studio she glowed. Mommy is very proud of her beautiful family. I can't wait to gift pictures at Christmas, hee.

Of course I have been aching to update the banner on my blog to reflect our little boy, so I am happy I could do that today. I changed the blog colors for now, not sure if I am totally happy with it yet, but I am too busy and tired really to think about it right now. As long as our new picture is up, I am pleased, whee. Here are some of the other pictures from the session:

The picture to go with our Christmas cards this year...

Our little man, totally absorbed by the camera and lights.

Our big girl! Wow, when I saw this one I was like, when did she grow up?! She is only 3, and yet seems so much older than that! She truly is a beautiful girl, my sweetie.

Now some of Xander's baby shots like we did with Ariel. Gotta love that hair!

Love this one...

My boys!

A little dash of Mommy, and a heaping scoop of Daddy, hee.

My little angel, I love him so much.

Big sister and her little brother... also known as the 'please don't drop the baby' shot. Haha.

We all love the newest member of the family.

Not much else to report on the week, its been just our regular routine. School was good this week for Ariel. They are celebrating Thanksgiving next week and are making a fruit salad in class. She is responsible for bringing the apple. Ariel seems to now be asking 'why' questions since going to school. Yesterday she stated in the car, 'Mommy, the sky is blue!' I said yes it is. She then replied, 'why?' Ah, should I go into the complex scientific structure of it all... naw, I said 'Maybe ask your teacher.' Oh that was terrible I know, bad Mommy! But the last time she asked something like that earlier in the week, I explained things only to keep getting 'why... why.... why!' Argh, gotta love it, haha.

Little outfit I found at the consignment shop, not sure if Xander is impressed? I think he is adorable!!!

Also this week was Ariel's school pictures... can we say GONG SHOW! Seriously, I wasn't that impressed, the fellow taking the pictures was nice, but had a thick accent that was hard to understand and he wasn't really a 'kid' person. I must say he was very patient with me dealing with Ariel, who for some bizarre reason freaked out and was crying and being a real pill. I know it was half 'acting out' because her cry was totally fake, but the other half was probably having to wait so long. Oh well, we did get a shot, but trust me its pretty funny the look on her face. I will share it when we get our proofs. The class picture was better, but again the photographer was trying to direct the kids and failed terribly and so they all look pretty silly with the 'deer in headlights' look on their faces. I did manage to advert Ariel's underwear being exposed when she was nervously tugging up her skirt. The photographer did nothing, or maybe didn't notice, so I quickly ran in the shot to fix it. I am thankful they asked us to be there for the picture, otherwise who knows what might have happened. At least its a good story to laugh about now. Haha.

We had a visit from Aunty Fran this week with some gifts from Maureen, Darrel and the kids. Some play dough for Ariel and a super cuddly blanket for Xander. Oh its soooooooo nice. I must say we were all having a snuggle in it last night, hee. Xander is quite happy to nap all wrapped up in it, so cute!

Ariel also had another fantastic ballet class. I got to talk to her teacher after wards and she said that Ariel follows along so well and is really taking to things. They will be learning a little routine to 'Can't wait to be King' from Lion King to preform for the parents in December. So we came home and got that song playing on Ariel's itunes play-list as per request from her teacher to help familiarize the song. She spent a good hour dancing and twirling to it. I got some video and some of Xander cooing along.

The other big news was the other night after Xander's bath, he flashed his first smile. He is really a serious little guy compared to Ariel, so he is much harder to get smiles out of at this point. Ken managed to get one today but they are more like little grins since his mouth isn't as wide as Ariel. I melted of course, since I had been dying for a smile, and I look forward to more of them but of course in Xander's own time... I'll be waiting little guy.


Kristen said...

LOVE the family pics Jay! So beautiful! Ella used to only nap with the hair dryer on lol!

Dianne said...

Beautiful photos!!! (Hana has that same black sequined tank top. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, the family photos look great! I enjoyed watching Ariel dance - she sure lights up with joy and happiness :-)

Kristin said...

From the looks of things your family photo shoot turned out perfect! :)

I also like the new updated blog template.

SarahRachel said...

Those family pics are incredible!!! I wish I lived in your area so I could use your photographer!!

kelly ens said...

absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!!
glad to hear Ariel is doing so well in ballet - hopefully Taeya will get more into it as the classes continue and she gets used to the whole "teacher" idea :)

Karen said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS!! You must be so thrilled with them. Your family is so beautiful.

I am sorry to read about everything you have been going through. My brother and SIL encountered some serious health issues after their second was born, too. It was rough for a while. ((HUGS)) God has indeed blessed you, though. Thinking of you with love and prayers.

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