Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy Bee!

Again, another week, another neglected blog! Ken has been on the computer nightly for work, and lets face it, Mommy's don't get much time for blogging during the busy day. The few times I had a moment, I spent it cross stitching. I did finish Xander's Christmas stocking (just need to sew it into an actual stocking now) so it was worth it. Now I can go back to working on his birth announcement one for his room, hoping I can get it done before Christmas, but its pretty detailed so who knows. As long as its before his first birthday, haha.

I have been in a mad rush sewing the kids Halloween costumes... I totally freaked when I realized that next week was when the festivities would happen. Ack! Thursday night is the family fun night in town when the little kids can trick or treat at the seniors center. I am bummed though because it is also the same night Ken works late, so he won't be able to join us. Bah!

We are going out with friends again on Halloween, Ariel always loves being with all the kids. Following which is a fun party. Whee! So it will be a fun evening indeed. I am dying to share how Ariel's costume turned out... soooooooon. Until then, enjoy Ariel modeling her cute Gap dress for church.

This week brought rain several days, and it was cold and nasty. Many times I found myself bathing the kids early and us all getting in our pjs. Cozy times, whee!

Xander continues to smile more and more. Its fun discovering what he likes. He loves when I sing softly when we do diaper changes. He just grins and grins and I just melt every time. He is definitely more into quiet tones than Ariel was.

Its hard to get pictures of him smiling since he sees the camera and just stares at it. I did manage to get a smile on the flip video though, huzzah!

On Wednesday, I picked Ariel up from school and then got Stella and headed out to this cute little tea house in Surrey to celebrate her birthday (since she would be away in Hawaii when it actually occurs later next week). Kara met us there to join in the fun and we had a great time!

Xander gets snuggles with Lala.

They had a little tea service for kids there, and Ariel was thrilled with her little peanut butter sandwiches, although she wanted the egg ones when she saw that is what I got. My girl loves fancy sandwiches, good thing the Christmas tea is coming at the bazaar. I loved that they brought her lemonade in a mini tea pot and had a little cup and saucer for her t0 use too.

Kara, Lala and Xander. He is a popular guy I tell ya.

Thursday was a LONG day. Ken was out late teaching and so I spent the day making and freezing some meals. Some sweet and sour pork to have over rice or noodles, a pork and apple casserole and a lazy chicken enchilada casserole. I want to make up some soups and scones too as well, maybe tomorrow. I must say a day of work is worth it to just pull things out in the morning to thaw for dinner that night.

Today was another rainy day, and since I needed my walk, we headed to the mall. I also took it upon myself to get some things for the kids that we needed. Ariel needed new jeans, Xander needed some mittens and I wanted to get some early Christmas shopping done. Yeah, yeah, I know. I actually have the kids pretty much done (I love to be early and enjoy the season), but still need a few things for Ken. We are just doing stockings since we are saving for some trips this summer for family weddings. Personally, I think stockings are the best anyways, so its cool.

Xander isn't sure about the mitts, but he will like his warm hands when we walk now. Hee.

I have been also getting lots of housework done this week. I made a list and have been plugging through it. I must say I am pretty pleased with myself. My energy has been really been coming back and I love finding my groove with the kids and home life. Speaking of which, my little man is demanding food. Have a good weekend, and look forward to some costume pictures next week. Yay!


Dianne said...

You have been busy! Glad you worked in a few cozy moments. We've had a couple of "Jammie Days" lately, and they are lovely.

Say, do you care to share your sweet and sour pork recipe? It sounds like a great cold-winter-day kind of dinner. :)

Miss you!!

Kristin said...

Good for you getting so much done!

Love the Xander smiles, so cute, I can't believe that soon we will be waiting for our new little ones first smiles! Such fun stuff!

kelly ens said...

sounds like things in town there are done right. here, i feel like the city's too big to feel like we could be a part of anything, and i'm not even sure there IS anything.
i might be anti-halloween though :) Looking forward to seeing their costumes though!

CUTE smiles on Xander - no wonder they make you melt :)

such a cute little tea arrangement for Ariel - what a great place to offer that!

can you share the lazy chicken enchilada casserole recipe?

Lastly, but not least, way to go on the Christmas shopping. i want to get mine done before December 1st - just for the kids...not sure we're doing anything for each other or our extended families (tight times, right?!)

Tera said...

Looks like you've gotten a lot done the last few days...and plugging away at the weight loss too! WTG! I'm an early Christmas shopper too!

Kristen said...

Love the stocking! You are super-woman with all your cooking, cleaning, sewing & having 2 kids! Don't you just LOVE these baby smiles!!

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