Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And the rain came...

... its pouring rain outside, and most likely will be raining for the festivities coming up this week, bah! Still hoping it might lighten up, we shall see. Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday, I decided to dress the kids up to take some pictures. I wanted to practice curling Ariel's hair since I had never done it before. Doesn't she look cute with the rollers?

She didn't seem to mind at all, but then I let her watch tv when I did it. Haha. I finished and she was still absorbed in Yo Yo Gabba, hehe.

So I took the kids out to the little grassy area with the leaves and snapped some pictures. Here is Ariel my Little Bo Peep!

Not to be outdone by little Xander the sheep.

Oh my gosh, I am just gushing over this shot. I love it to pieces, my cuties!

Its so funny that I am having fun dressing up the kids since I was not a fan of Halloween as a kid at all. Ken is more into it than I am, frankly I am more into the whole idea of harvest rather than scary stuff. I had a talk with a friend a few years ago about my feelings on the subject and how it related to my faith. She too being a Christian gave me some words that have stuck with me, 'make it what you want it to be.' So I make it about fun dress up and pretend, my daughter is a huge fan of that, and I don't want to ruin that part of it for her. We don't hang up scary decorations, we only have 'harvest style' things around our home (pumpkins, turkeys, leaves etc). We trick or treat with friends from church and gather for a fun time after wards with food and fellowship. The kids all play and its fun to just hang out with others. I take the kids to the community event that is aimed at younger kids and isn't scary. I want them to enjoy the wonderful town we live in and how special it is that we have events like this in a safe setting, others aren't so lucky. So that is my thoughts on it, I know others have different views and that is cool, but I thought I'd share my own since I don't think I have before.

Last night we also carved our family pumpkins. Ken sketched some ideas and came up with with a cute concept.

Ariel helped me scoop some pumpkin guts.

Xander was pretty excited by the whole event... um, yeah. Haha.

He did eventually wake up and gave us some cute smiles. Gosh he is cute!

Ariel trying to recreate the face on her pumpkin, haha.

My little pumpkins!

When the pumpkins were finished, we lit them to see how they looked... perfect. The little Xander pumpkin has the best face, haha.

Today was a rough start. I was up at 6am to feed Xander and went back to sleep... only to have Ariel wake me up... at 10 to 9am! It was a school day!!!!! Ack!!!!!!! I threw on some clothes, handed her a quick breakfast to eat in the car, made up her snack and got us out the door and at the school within 10 minutes! I was a little out of breath but we did it.

After that Xander and I went off to pick up the special putty Ken needed for his class tomorrow night. Since my little man was sleeping soundly, I took my time and once getting the putty spent a long time in this super cute toy store up in Tsawwassen. I wanted to get a jack in the box for Xander and they had a darling one that was a sock monkey.

During the afternoon while Ariel was playing and Xander slept, I finished up the pillows for Ariel's room. The list of things I made up to do is pretty much done! I have some new ideas of things to do, so I might make a new list. I am just happy these things are getting done. Ariel was thrilled!

Going back to the beginning of the week, Xander turned 2 months on Monday!!! Wow, I can't believe it. My little guy is sure starting to become his own little person. He is smiling more and more, and at other people now, not just us. I have to book his visit to the doctor, but I haven't decided if I will get her to do his shots or go through the health unit. I am also waiting till his sniffles finish up. My little guy is also very solid! Such a change compared to the light weight Ariel. He is good for my upper body workout, haha. Love this picture of him, its like he is saying 'eh!' My good Canadian boy. Hee.

That morning was Ariel's photo retakes for school and THANK HEAVENS it was a huge improvement! The photographer was so much better, he was also good with kids and was very warm to her. She sat on the block and gave the best smile. I can't wait to share it since its like night and day compared to the other picture. I am glad Ken pushed me to get retakes, I was afraid of a repeat of last time, can you blame me? Ariel was so proud of herself, she couldn't wait to tell Daddy how brave she was and how she smiled big for him. That's my girl!

Monday was also Ariel's first field trip with her class. We went to a local farm and although it was muddy and cold, thankfully the rain held off. Dad and Rita were able to watch Xander at the last minutes so I didn't have to have him outside the whole time with us.

On Tuesday, Ariel went to ballet class and had a blast as usual. We are getting closer to her performance, and I am very excited to see it. After class, we went to Dad's and got to go out for lunch with him and Rita. They were getting ready to leave on their trip to Mexico and it was nice for the kids to see them before they left since it be awhile till they got home. We went to White Spot and Ariel polished off a pirate pak in no time. She must be getting ready for another growth spurt, the girl is eating big time again. After we got home from lunch, she wanted a sandwich, apple and cheese. Dang!

Well, my hubby just got home, so gonna go visit with him. Have a good night and a big congrats to my friend and blog buddy Kristin and her family. They welcomed a new baby boy named Jeriah Ross. Yay!


kelly ens said...

ADORABLE (theme) costumes for the kids. you SHOULD be gushing over that picture - it's awesome!

i like your take on Halloween. that's how i think i'd like it to be for us...just not sure we're in the right neighborhood. i don't know - i will probably consider taking the kids trick or treating next year when Ezra can walk :) but certainly nothing scary! this year, we're watching the new TinkerBell and having some treats to ourselves :)

the pumpkins look great too. happy 2 months to Xander, mr. CUTIE!

when is Ariel's ballet performance? Taeya's is mid-December (16th, i think). i can't WAIT!!! the teacher is pretty uncertain how it will go...i guess there are a few fire crackers in the class :)

tracie said...

oh my...the costumes are AMAZING!!! You are such an awesome momma!! I am in awe!

Great pictures, as always! Little Xander's smiles always brighten my day!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the costumes! You did an awesome job with all that sewing :-) The pumpkins are great too!

Tera said...

I always love your pumpkins. So cute, especially Xander's! :)

Great job on the costumes! Braylee was having a hard time deciding what she wanted to be so my friend Susie said she had some hand-me down costumes we could borrow...Little Red Riding Hood and Little Bo Peep. Braylee loved them both, so she wore won to her pre-school party and wearing the other when we go trick or treating on Sat. I agree with you on scary decor here either.

Our church is hosting a Reformation Party tonight in honor of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on Oct.31, definitely something more worthy of celebrating than "Halloween." We stick with the dress up and candy treats like you! ;)

Brenda said...

Aww, such cuties! Love that Bo Peep dress - gorgeous. And go you and matching up all your mitered corners perfectly on that pillow. :) But I have to say, that jack-o-lantern family is the best - too cute.

I totally agree on your take on Halloween. We trick or treated tonight and someone opened the door and told the kids "we don't have any candy, we don't believe in Halloween." Fine - I totally understand. But then turn your light out and don't answer the door - what a letdown. It's all about Reese's peanut butter cups for me! :D

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness how totally cute is your little Bo Peep and her sheep!
That picture of the 2 of them should be entered or sent into something!

I looks like you guys had a fun time as a family with your pumpkins, they turned out so cheery. :)

ps thanks for the shout out on your blog. :)

Karen said...

Adorable! I love their costumes--great pumpkins, too!

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