Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Fun

Wow, with Halloween out of the way now, we are now in November! Crazy stuff... not to mention that there are Christmas decorations up at one of the local shopping malls here in town. Eek! Lets have Remembrance Day first people! I also have to wait till 'American Thanksgiving' till I pull out my decor... at least here is hoping that happens. I may choose an earlier day if it works with Ariel being in school. Haha.

Well, we had a great time this past week with lots of fun events. Ariel got good use out of her costume, and that makes me happy since I spent a good amount of time sewing them, haha. On Thursday night we went to the family pumpkin fest and boy was that a blast! Here is Ariel and Xander's official photo from the night, they had a photographer there doing this for free! So cool.

The nice part was that most of the event was inside at the seniors center, which is good when its somewhat cold and raining. The kids trick or treated down the hall with the seniors dressed up at each door. They got a sticker and at the end showed their sticker sheet and got a bag of goodies. Then in the gym they had the photo area set up and a crafting area. Ariel really liked the crafts.

Bat puppet! Eek!

Then in the next room they had the ladies from the library doing a kids story time. Lots of songs, puppets and 2 cute stories. Ariel was totally engrossed.

Then we had some dinner, they had food packages for $5 which included either a hot dog or hamburger, chips, cookie and a pop. Ariel and I shared a meal which was perfect. Then we went to the Boys and Girls club next door where they had games set up. Woot!

Then we road the hayride which went around the block of the high school, whee!

After all of that, it had been 2 hours of fun and Xander was just waking up so we headed home for a warm bath and pjs. We were disappointed Ken missed all the fun, but not much we can do about it, maybe next time.

Then Friday was a quiet day and a sad one. We got the news that Gwen from our church family had passed away. She had a long, hard battle with cancer and it was just heartbreaking that it was over. Her kids are pretty much the same age my brother and I were when we lost our mom, so in a way it takes you back to that time and those emotions. I hope to connect with them as much as I can, because only someone who has walked this road knows what they are feeling. I think back to how we always said positive things come from tragic events in our lives... if losing my own mom has given me the chance to help others who are now facing the same fate, then its truly God's plan... the bigger picture. Wow... say a little prayer for them all, its a long road ahead.

Later that night we got word also that Ken's Yaya was in the hospital with a bad reaction to some medication and was fighting for her life. She has been slowly improving and we are praying she can bounce back like all the times she had before. We would love her to meet Xander, but that isn't till the summer... just hoping and praying it works out. Love you Yaya!

Saturday was Halloween and we made the most of the day, especially when the sun came out. We went up to a local mall for their event, some candy collecting and crafts. Daddy was with us this time, so it was great!

I loved the alien costumes from the Simpsons, haha.

Then we came home briefly and then headed out again for trick or treating! We went down Dad and Rita's street first since we always have gone there and even though they are away, we wanted to continue the tradition. Then we went over to Brenda's place for more fun! Ariel and Brian were buddies for the night, they were so cute!

Ariel managed to score 2 full plastic bags of candy! Gack, not good for my healthy living diet, trying to be good... but its sooooooooooooo hard.

We had a great night with our friends and came home and turned the clocks back for daylight savings, yay for extra sleep... although that means nothing when you have a baby.

Sunday morning was hard as we as a Church family dealt with the passing of Gwen. Lots of tears, and I was having a hard time. Brenda invited us over for leftover pizza for lunch, so that was nice. Later that afternoon we came home where I then proceeded to leave Ken with the kids so I could go to the movies alone!!!

Yes, I got to go have a few hours to myself and it was heaven. I went to see the Michael Jackson movie and it was packed! It was really a great show, the concert would have been amazing. Regardless of what you think of the guy, his music was great. It was the first time I have ever been in a show where everyone clapped at the end. Crazy!

Today the rain finally showed up! I got Ariel to school and went to Ikea with Xander for some walking and to pick up some new plastic dishes Ariel uses. Hers are slowly disappearing and the plates are pretty chewed up looking. At lunch we met up with Aunty Deborah and went out together. It was so nice to have a visit with her, especially since at the dedication she was very sick.

So its been a busy few days and this week is getting full fast. I still need to book Xander in for his 2 month visit with the doctor... by the time I get around to it he will be 3 months, gack! Mommy's little goober!

Ok, I am going to try and ignore the candy... try being the main word... hmmm candy.


Kristin said...

Mmm Candy! Looks like a fun time. :)

I am having a really hard time feeling like it is November, it is still 30-35*c here during the day and the sun is always shinning. You talking about Christmas decor up in the malls just sound strange! I am really going to have to work at making things Chirstmasy here come Dec!

Brenda said...

Dang, Ariel had a great haul! I found that leaving Mallory's candy in the bag (that is not see-through) helps a little bit. Not much, but a little. :) Super cute costumes!

Amy said...

That last picture of Xander is to die for!! He is so stinking cute!!! I love Ariels costume too, you are so talented!! Oh and just so you know I am STRUGGLING with the candy in the house as well!!

kelly ens said...

just LOVE the costumes! but the candy...i don't know how you do it! I would be devouring it! i am so weak with that stuff...good thing there's none in this house :)

praying for gwen's family and that you can really connect with the kids. I know God can/will use you to help them through this life-altering change!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of Halloween fun! I think it's great that the community puts on family Halloween events! It really encourages quality family time!

About the passing of your Church friend . . . I'm very sorry to hear about that! I hope you are able to help her children . . . and I hope they realize what a special friend they have in you!

SarahRachel said...

Those costumes are beyond adorable!! Love them! But they aren't as adorable as your kids!!! =)
I'm so sorry about your friend =( And I'm sorry for the hard memories that drudges up.
Jackson only wanted to do 4 houses so our candy stash is nice and small. Seeing yours made my mouth water! =)

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