Sunday, November 29, 2009

1st Sunday of Advent

We are officially in Christmas countdown with the arrival the advent season. I was really excited for church and the lighting of the candle. This candle is one of hope. We had a really good speaker today, and had some wise words on this very message of hope... a good way to start the season.

I managed to get the whole family in their nice festive clothes to celebrate the big day. Ken then took Ariel off to Sunday School and Xander and I walked since it was nice out. When I got to the church, Ariel was eager to show me 'Mary'. She made it in her class and was very proud of it. Mary also had to be buckled into the car seat when it was time to go, haha.

The afternoon was filled with the smells of Christmas. Ariel helped me make some shortbread cookies up for our baking exchange we are going to tomorrow after school. She was loving every moment of it... especially poking around to test the final product.

Then I made up some chocolate almond and raisin bark. Soooooooooooo good!

Ken and I went through the last box of junk from the old computer room, yeah there was still one left. Blah! With the coming of my favorite cleaning gals tomorrow (Chels and Amanda) I wanted to make sure all the junk had been dealt with. I am hosting coffee party this week and would love to have a nicely cleaned home for the ladies... and myself of course.

The last of the Christmas decorations went up today as well, although I am still torn on if I will put lights on the deck this year. I am not really into the LED ones, mainly because if bulbs burn out you can't replace it. That really annoys me, bah.

Yesterday was a big day in our home, Ariel's first ice show! We (and everyone else we knew it seems) had tickets to see Disney on Ice. I use to go to the ice shows all the time, so it was fun to share that with her. We had tickets to the noon show, so we left the house at 10am to try and avoid the crazy traffic since it was dumping rain. We arrived at 11ish and got in right when the doors opened. This allowed us to get first in line to see the 2 princesses they had visiting that day. Ariel was dressed as Cinderella and was happy to see her there.

The other princess was the newest one, Tiana - and since Ariel didn't know who she was yet, it didn't really go over as that important. I however thought she was gorgeous! Her dress was stunning and I am looking forward to the new movie, I think we are all going when Ken's family are here over Christmas.

We found our seats and since Ken had Xander strapped to him in the snuggly, I got to run out to get some food to bring back to the troops. We got a burger meal to share between the 3 of us since we knew we wanted some junk food later. Ariel had her first taste of cotton candy, and I should have know the 'sticky' factor would turn her off of it. She liked it until she saw what it did to her hands. She decided she would finish my snow cone! Nooooooooo, that is like my ultimate treat, I love them. Haha. The show started and Ariel's eyes were as big as saucers watching the characters. She kept yelling out in delight and amazement.

These shows have changed a lot since I use to come, the skating isn't that technical and seems to be more of a visual parade. I seem to recall more jumps and tricks back in the day. It wasn't a bad show by any means, just different. The visuals were just like being in Disneyland, so that was cool. Stunning costumes and the Tinkerbell part of the show was awesome!

The show ended and we made our way back out in the rain. Poor Ariel was starting to fizzle out, and by the time we finally were on the road back home she and Xander were both asleep. We all survived and will have good memories from it.

After the kids went to bed that evening, I did some sewing and got Xander's stocking done and hanging with Ariel's! Yay. Much easier this time around, I guess since I had done one before. I am happy with the end result, and I am glad to have another item done on my list.

Friday night was our belated turkey dinner. We ended up inviting Dad and Rita over to join us and they had bought a turkey in the states and cooked it to bring. So that left me doing several side dishes and a few extras since I no longer had to do a turkey. I tried some new things, an asparagus casserole and a sweet potato casserole, both yummy and will be done again.

Xander was awake to see the turkey this time so we got a quick picture of him with the bird... I think he was roughly the same size, haha.

So that pretty much covers our busy and fun weekend. Tomorrow is school as well as the last day of November. Lots happening this week, including the lighting of the town Christmas tree, always a fun event. Ok, I hear Xander crying, better go feed the little guy. Good night!


kelly ens said...

what movie is Tiana going to be in??? i haven't heard of her yet.
i would have LOVED to take Taeya to disney on ice - i went to one when i was a kid and LOVED it. too bad it's not as technical anymore though.

Jay said...

She is going to be in the Princess and the Frog movie that comes out next month. Its been ages since Disney put out a 2D animated film, so we are excited in this house, haha.

missmarble said...

Great work on the stockings! My mom did one for Lily's first Christmas.
On the LED lights, if you buy the Noma ones from Canadian Tire, there are some with replaceable bulbs.

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