Friday, December 04, 2009

In Full Swing!

What can I say, the holidays are in full swing, lots of events these days, thus leading to lacking of blogging. However, its time to catch up on the week of fun, fun, fun!

Monday was a school morning but we had a play-date / cookie exchange with the some friends from church in the afternoon. It worked out perfectly since I had Amanda and Chelsea coming to do some cleaning for us to get things really nice for all the winter company (my treat for the month!) I picked up Ariel from school and gave the girls my keys and headed to Dayna's house.

When we arrived, Olga, one of the other moms, suddenly had a really sore eye. It was burning and she washed it out thinking something must have gotten in it. Strange... but she recovered quickly and we continued on with lunch. The kids played nicely and we visited until I got the call the girls were done so I started packing up the troops. I took Xander to the car and when I came back to grab Ariel who was getting her shoes on. The front door had slightly closed and I pushed the handle to call Ariel only to realize it was sticky, but in a house of 4 kids I didn't think much of it, most likely apple juice fingers or something. I got a whisp of hair in my face and when I brushed it out of my eye suddenly I was in pain!!!

I yelped and found my face BURNING. My eye sealed shut and it felt like I was hit with bleach it just burned so badly. My lips were going numb and I was freaking out. Dayna got me to the sink where I started washing my eye out. I realized Xander was in the car still so Ruth went to watch him thank heavens. I just kept washing my eye but it wasn't improving, in fact it seemed to make it worse.

Dayna was stumped what was causing it until I said I think there is something on the door that caused it. Sure enough, looking closely at her door, she found something had been sprayed on her door. It was hard to see since the door is painted red, but on the inside of the door frame you could easily see. My eye was finally able to open but by then my face was puffy and gross. I felt ok to drive home since the girls were waiting, so I took my cookies and went home.

Dayna called the police since she had said they had a problem with teenage vandals in the area, and wanted to report this one since it affected 2 of us moms. Turns out after the police came they confirmed it was PEPPER SPRAY! Good grief! They said its a new 'prank' that is happening with the rich, bored teens in the area.... prank?! Seriously, this is no prank, its a crime. What had this happened to one of the kids? or a senior for that matter. I am sooooooo thankful no one was seriously hurt... except my face, haha. It was sore the rest of the night, very numb. Feeling better now, but it wasn't fun, I don't recommend it.

For comparison... before

After pepper spray!

Tuesday marked the beginning of December, yay! I pulled out Ariel's advent calendar I got her, it had little toys in for each day (littlest pet shop toys and accessories), thinking this was far more fun than a cheap, chocolate one. She was so excited and opened the first door revealing a little brown dog. She cheered and then was quiet... 'mommy, I can't bite this chocolate doggy.' I then realized that my chocolate loving girl wasn't grasping the 'toy' concept.... needless to say we ended up at the drug store later getting a cheap chocolate Tinkerbell calendar.

As of today, she is now loving the little toys, which I must say is really cool. The following days she got a little hat and scarf for the little dog... but the little chocolates are tradition and I should have known that. Haha, you can't take the chocolate out of the girl.

Tuesday also turned into baking day, and Ariel helped me make 2 batches scones, some potato and broccoli soup and some cinnamon buns for Daddy. Sooooooooo good, and thankfully I was very good and didn't have much.

Wednesday rolled around and it was Ariel's parent teacher interviews before class, so Ken could come too. Ariel is doing well, and is a joy to the classroom her teacher says. She shared with us a little interview she did with Ariel that was filled with cute little 'Ariel moments'

-I like to pretend to be dinosaurs eating the water! He's very hungry for water! Ee-ee-ee he's going to the park - la la la. He's singing at the park

-I thank God for my Mommy and Xander... I think that's it (upon asking if there was anyone else she was forgetting, haha, sorry Daddy)

-What I liked about preschool is water play, painting, play doh, colouring and even the pumpkin patch.

So that was wonderful to hear and I am glad our little girl is doing well.

Afterwards I dropped Ken off for him to catch his bus and went to Stella's to cut out our pjs from the fabric I brought. The rest of the day I sewed like crazy and by bedtime (late bedtime, haha) I had 4 sets done! woot!!! I'll post our annual pj picture on Christmas eve as I usually do, yay.

Thursday rolled around and Dad and Rita came over to watch the kids for me since I was hired by some friends to take some pictures for them for Christmas. I had a great time and we got some good shots. Here are a few of my favs...

Such a cute family!

The rest of the day was more baking for the coffee party, and we made 2 batches of muffins. It was a late teaching night for Ken, so I spent the evening setting up the table for the next morning.

Yummy! All the goodies we made sure paid off, they were great... and some leftovers too for Ken.

Morning came quickly and I was up getting things out and ready. Ariel was sooooooo excited and as the ladies arrived was showing them around the house and her Christmas tree in her room. It was a wonderful morning and lots of visiting and Christmas cheer.

Xander enjoyed all the attention...

...and then crashed when things wrapped up.

Tonight was the tree lighting ceremony in town, so when Ken got home we got in our warm clothes and headed out.

For some wacky reason the tree was having 'technical issues' and we did the countdown 4 times. Haha. Finally the tree was lit, we sang lots of carols and saw the little parade... including Santa on top of the fire engine. Whee.

Sooooooo, its been a full week and its only going to get more busy as we gear up for Ken's family to arrive. This weekend is the second Sunday of advent, so hang on because its flying by!


Jill Brochard said...

Jay that is awful!! What a stupid crime -- don't they have more productive things to do. Hope you eye is back to normal.

kelly ens said...

OW, your eye - that's awful! :(
the pictures look great! and so does the food.... :)

Karen said...

I can'e believe that about the pepper spray--how horrible! That is just mean.

LOVE the Gymbo outfits--soooooo pretty!

All your yummy food pictures are making me so hungry. :o)

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