Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm exhausted at the moment... I just did a workout from my Biggest Loser dvds that I finally found... oof. I must say I did better than I thought I would do, since it has been awhile since I did them, but I am back to my pre-prego weight, and just really trying to lose a bit more. We got our 'save the date' card in the mail for Ken's cousin's wedding in New York next summer. Talk about serious motivation!

In fact, there are several weddings this summer, and I want to look good for once! My cousin Kyle is getting married and he is the last one on my Mom's side of the family. For both my brother and cousin Ross' weddings I was carrying pregnancy weight. Heck my brother's wedding was 2 weeks after I had Ariel, haha. One family wedding without baby weight would be awesome! Sooooo, we shall see how it goes. I have dropped 17lb of the 30lb I wanted to try and lose at first... baby steps. Plus my cardiologist appointment in May has me wanting to be in good shape then too. We shall see how it goes.

Today was an early morning, as I got the kids piled in the car to take our food we bought the day before to Nat and Drew's food bank fill up! So by 8am we were out the door in the very cold car... brrr. Apparently it was -2 this morning, gack! Snow is coming... part of me is excited (the photographer in me) the other part is dreading it (the getting around with 2 kids). It was fun to meet Nat and Drew in person. Some might remember Ken getting them to make me a 30th birthday message for my party, and guess what, they recognized me! Hee! Anyhoo, along with the several bags of food we brought, we also brought Nat and Drew some cookies to keep up the sugar rush they would need for being out on location all day. They were beyond pumped and had to pose with the cookies. Xander I think wanted Drew's.

Then we went off to the Michael's craft store to pick up the painting we got framed for Xander's room. Ariel was so cute when they showed it to us all finished, 'my mommy and daddy did that for Xander' she announced to anyone that was listening. Haha. Anyhoo, I am so happy with it and we hung it up in his room... now just to finish the cross stitch birth announcement... sigh.

I just realized we are almost half way to Christmas! This coming week is Ariel's last few classes before the holiday break. Ariel is having a class party to celebrate Jesus' birthday and to sing their Christmas songs for us parents. Eek! Its gonna be so cute and I am making CUPCAKES! Seriously, this has been my dream since becoming a parent, being the Mommy that makes cupcakes for her kid's class. Of course I am planning something super cute to mark this special occasion, so stay tuned.

Christmas cooties!

I have been having fun taking pictures with the Christmas tree, and last night took a few fun ones with the kids. Love this one... the magic of Christmas.

My darling boy...

My little Ariel... I just LOVE this one.

I sent out the cards this week and some people have received it, so I can now share this year's Christmas card design. We had fun as usual making this, and Xander in the stocking just cracks us up.

The weekend is fast approaching, and we don't have much on the calendar. Ken has lots of work to do on his book, so I think I will try and keep the kids busy so he can get some work done. Dad and Rita are bringing Katie over tomorrow night for a few hours while they go out to dinner, so that will be fun for Ariel. Might allow me to get some sewing done... we shall see.


Dianne said...

As in, your cousin who lives in Calgary? Are you coming out here? Could it be???

We don't have Nat & Drew out here. Sigh. I loved their morning show. They used to do the food drive at the mall across from my office downtown.

Lovely card and Christmas photos. I'm always excited when one of your cards arrives in the mail :)

Kristin said...

That pic of Ariel by the Christmas tree is so wonderful!

Love the card too so cute!

Tera said...

I've been behind on reading blogs so I had a lot to catch up on with you guys! Love the pictures of Ariel by the tree. You are amazing in the kitchen!! The Christmas card is adorable!

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