Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cupcakes and Latkes

So Ken is out at his work Christmas dinner. I once again opted out of going to stay home with the kids, mainly because of the nursing situation. Perhaps next year, we shall see. Besides, I managed to get in a workout tonight in place of eating something I probably shouldn't be, haha. I got my new workout dvd, Jillian Michael's 30 day shred... and my butt has been kicked, although I did manage to get through level one for the most part. Xander watched me, and I am sure mocked me in some sort of baby babble. Ariel, she was right beside me doing everything until she got bored... 'I'm just gonna do my own exercises' she said. Frankly, hers looked a lot more fun.

I love pictures in front of the tree! Especially when they both smile!

I am still trying to lose the extra pound I put on thanks to Hanukkah dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Can we say delicious latkes (potato pancakes) and soofganiot (homemade donuts)... drool. They had our whole family over on Tuesday night, and it was lots of fun to visit with all my cousins I don't usually get to see. Not to mention little Eliran, who Ariel loves to play with... er , boss around. Its really weird, she isn't like this with other kids, maybe because he is younger, but she is always telling him what he is doing wrong, and trying to correct him. I guess Xander doesn't stand a chance... haha.

My cousin Eyal and his son Eliran lighting the candles on the Hanukkah menorah.

Wednesday morning was Ariel's last day of school before the Christmas break. They had a party in the class and a carol sing.

It was really cute, and I got some little video snippets of it to share with you all.

The day before, Ariel and I had made 2 dozen cupcakes and decorated them. I am happy to say only 3 came home with me, since most were eaten and I managed to send several home with Stella. I love how they turned out. So cute!

This is what Ariel made her little friends, a chocolate pop... such an easy craft with using a chocolate mold. We made her picture into a little postcard to attach to the pop with some ribbon, I love getting to be crafty with her. Whee.

Xander slept through most of our crafting fun... he is really going to miss our tree when the holidays are over.

Xander is nearly 4 months old... on boxing day actually. He is really turning into a little boy... although he really is a baby, its the hair I think. My serious little guy is becoming more personable with people, smiling more and generally happy and content when being snuggled. His hands are constant entertainment and he is grasping toys and reaching at things... like tree ornaments, so he has been pulled back slightly out of reach now. He also showed he could roll over recently, both ways! However, after doing it a few times, he could care less and just wants to lay and relax, or kick like crazy. He has a little giggle that pops out when things are really funny, but generally he just smiles and shakes with glee.

He just rocks my world... my sweetie boy! I can't wait for his Grammy to see him in person, just a few more sleeps to go. We booked tickets for the Stanley Park Christmas train today, so that will be fun since Ariel has never been. We have a few other things planned too, so lots of fun events ahead.

This weekend is super busy. On Saturday afternoon, I am meeting one of my online friends from my Gymboree message board for lunch and a play-date with our girls. She lives just across the border, and wanted to come up to see us, so that was very cool. We have a lot in common, and Ariel is excited to meet her daughter that she has seen in pictures on Facebook. So we are going out to lunch and then off to 'go bananas' for a play. Whee.

Then afterwards is my family's Christmas dinner and present night. It got bumped up since my Dad won hockey tickets. So a very full day but should be lots of fun. Sunday, I am taking pictures for the baptism and membership happening at church. I might also do the major 'food shop' since Ken can keep the kids at home while I go, makes things easier and faster without kids in tow.

Before I close, sending a big congrats out to my cousin Ross and his wife Kailey who welcomed a daughter into their family, Hannah Faith-Marie. I hope I get to see her sometime soon. Yay for babies!


Tera said...

Oh the shred!! I started that in June and could barely walk the next day...I did it almost daily for 3 straight weeks, then it went to maybe 4-5 days/week to 2days/week and now I'd say I haven't done it since Sept. So pathetic. I need to pull it out and start again b/c I did feel better when I was doing it. Love the cute!

Kristin said...

I just love all the pics you have been sharing of your cute kiddos under the Christmas tree, it is so cozy and festive looking. :)

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