Sunday, December 13, 2009

3rd Sunday of Advent...

... and 10 sleeps till Grammy, Uncle Jonathan and Uncle Dan arrive! Eek! So exciting and yet I am trying my hardest to get organized so we can relax and enjoy everything. The only real thing left is the food shopping, but to do that I need to finalize my list of meals. I am also finishing some last minute sewing, which I will get back to once I finish blogging. Hee.

Well, the snow finally arrived this morning. In fact, it started just as Xander and I started walking to church. He was all wide-eyed watching the falling flakes. It was really beautiful, and I must say I am glad I got to have that moment with my boy. His first snowfall... that is magic indeed.

Ariel was AMAZED with the snow, I guess she got over her 'dislike' of it from last year. I pulled out her snowsuit I bought on sale earlier in the fall and of course she was all 'wow mommy, its so pretty and cozy'. She has never had a real snow get up before, and it just looked so cute all together. Did I mention she is all about accessories? She made sure there was a hat and gloves to go with it, haha.

The snow bunnies...

We managed to practice using the self timer on the new camera, all in time for our upcoming Christmas eve shot in our matching pjs.

Ariel had a blast playing in the snow, and was trying her hardest to make snowballs. Unfortunately, the snow wasn't great for packing, it was a very dry snow, so she was frustrated but didn't give up. She eventually managed to make one small snowball, and of course threw it at Daddy. Haha.

Mr Xander looking super adorable!

We started walking home and when we at the corner, a truck started honking at us... we turned and low and behold, its SANTA! Who knew he drove a truck eh? He pulled over and had some hot chocolate and magic reindeer food for Ariel. She of course was totally amazed and in awe of him. One of those fun surprises.

Other than all the fun today, the rest of the weekend has been pretty mellow. I got to go out for a pedicure Saturday morning, very relaxing. Ken did some interviews for his new book and had some quality time with the kids. Ariel and I took the pop cans back to the depot and had some one on one time. Its fun talking with her, and hearing what is on her mind.

This week is filling up fast with visits with family and friends, school parties and organizing. I know its going to fly by so fast... so I better hold on tight, whee!


Kristin said...

Snow! We miss it!
Glad to hear Ariel had a fun time playing in it. :)

Tera said...

Love the picture of you and Xander! How wonderful to experience his first snow!

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