Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well look at that...

... its Tuesday again, oops, sorry for the lack of blog, bad me. We have been keeping busy here as usual but as of today, we are done one activity until the new year. Yes, this morning was Ariel's final ballet class of the year, thus marking the big parent's viewing session. Yay! I think I brought the most people to come watch her, haha. Stella said we are going to be one of 'those' families... and you know what, I love it. Me, Dad, Rita, Kara, Stella and even Ken who took time off this morning to come watch his princess. Xander was there too, although he slept through most of it.

I wasn't sure what to expect since sometimes Ariel gets overwhelmed when people watch her, like most kids in these situations, but she really wowed me. I am so proud of her and her determination. She is just so grown up at times it blows me away.

They did all their little steps they had learned, and of course Miss Julie had it woven into a story about going to the circus. The girls twirled like tops, pranced like unicorns and tip toed to peak at the lion. Ariel also provided the funniest face ever during that. It was like she truly was acting scared and looked like she was going to burst into tears. It was hilarious!

Then came the big 'Lion King' performance. Just so cute, and mommy is very proud! Ariel at times got distracted with Ken filming, but would get back into it quickly. All the girls did a great job and were so sweet, gosh I love this! Hee. Hope you enjoy it.

Flashing back to last week, Ariel had 'Cat in the Hat' day at school, something that actually freaked her out a bit. When we arrived at her room, her teacher came out dressed like the cat in hat. With Mrs. Kim's hair tucked into the large hat it threw Ariel off and she was hiding behind me. Poor thing, she just wasn't sure about the whole thing. Of course she was fine eventually, but took some time. When I picked her up, all the kids had turned into kitties and had their faces painted, very cute.

Xander has continued to be the cutest bundle of boy ever. He also is becoming a thumb sucker, ugh. I have tried the soother over and over but he isn't going for it, oh well. I find it isn't often, but with the recent discover of his hands, its his new thing. He is sleeping longer stretches at night, in fact he is usually going from 11ish to 7ish, woot! Yay for sleep and I feel very refreshed.

I have been working hard on his baby book, and in the course of that I discovered I had misplaced his birth certificate! Ugh!!! I tore the house apart looking for it unsuccessfully, which baffles me to no end, and makes me frustrated too. So I had to order another one since I need to do his passport application in the next little bit, so I hope now that I have done that it will show up... that is typical right? I think it might have gotten into the papers Ariel was coloring with at the table, and possibly thrown out, sigh. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Bah!

In better news, I finished painting Xander's painting and took it in to get framed at Michael's craft store. I have never gone there for framing before, but with the place closed that we use to take things to, I was open to try it out. I was really pleased actually with the staff, and the sale, 60% off! I can't wait to see it all finished. Yay!

Service message from Xander, feed the bears... namely him! Hee.

Saturday was an awful day, lots of cold rain and so we stayed inside and hung out together. Ariel got dressed up for a dance party in the living room...

... and we had fun taking jumping pictures. Whee!

Then Sunday was church and a soup and bun lunch, oh it was good. Xander was sporting his new look, lumberjack joe!

Ariel pulled out a sweater dress from last year that now fit her perfectly, so sweet.

The soup was heaven on a cold day and I managed to try all 3 types, in small quantities of course. We then came home to hang out and rest up for the new week.

Monday was school for Ariel and Brielle's first birthday party. I dropped Ariel off and took Xander to the party. Carter made friends with him right away, so cute!

Then birthday girl Brielle checked him out...

... and Hayden too. The girls love him already, haha.

At 1130 I picked Ariel up and brought her back for the rest of the party. She proceeded to stuff her face with the yummy food, and had fun playing with the kids.... and the guitar, haha.

Then we come today, and we are all caught up... are you still with me? Haha. Have a great night and Happy American Thanksgiving! I am doing a big dinner on Friday night for Kenny (since he works late on Thursday). Yay turkey!!!


Amy said...

First that little girl did SO good with her dancing! Oh my gosh, I can't believe she followed so many directions!
Second- come back to Disneyland so I can snuggle on that little boy!! He is So cute!
Third- I saw your little weight loss tracker- seriously, you are kicking butt!! (and looking fabulous too BTW!)

Kristin said...

Sounds like busy fun days. Love the pic of Ariel with the rose!

Tera said...

Great pictures and I love the video of Ariel dancing! She did an amazing job!! It's good to be one of "those" families...shows the love and interest you have in your little princess! Wow- painting is awesome too!!

kelly ens said...

cute pictures, of course! glad so many could come watch her at her little performance :) i wonder how still taeya will stand during hers, or if she'll love being in the spotlight :)
i LOVE Xander's picture - just awesome!

Kim said...

Great pictures of your little ballerina and Xander! I loved her dance - she did a great job!

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