Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Believe...

Its about 4pm right now and its already getting dark outside... although the storm clouds moving in may be the cause of it. Kinda depressing when daylight is short lived, but that is winter for you! We finally had a break in the rain today, although it was still a tad windy. I walked Ariel to ballet class, the last one before the big parent show next week! Eek! I am so excited I may burst!!!

After class, I took both kids to have their picture taken with Santa. An annual tradition in late November to a) avoid the craziness of December and a long line up and b) to tie it in with St Nicholas day.

I grew up with Santa, as did Ken, and we have mixed ideas on the subject. Ken is really against the materialism that has come with the idea of Santa. I love the magic of pretend and imagination that comes with Santa. I was always a very matter of fact kid that totally knew the 'meat and potatoes' truth, but I loved the fun in believing. Sooooooo, much like Halloween, we came to the idea - make it what we want it to be.

Christmas to us is the celebration of Jesus' birth, it will always be the focus. To have a bit of Santa in the mix, we have embraced 'St Nicholas Day'. That happens on December 6th, and then on that day we do something for someone else, much like the original St Nicholas did. It is something we want to really invest in as our kids grow and have them involved. The giving back, since it is so important, and I look forward to when they are old enough to do so. I am still deciding what we will do this year, so stay tuned.

Then on Christmas day, there will be one simple gift under the tree as the 'St Nicholas' gift, usually something practical, like clothes, shoes etc. That way I get to keep my joy of Santa and yet build it in a new way that we both love.... because I will always believe. Hey, I am a huge kid, what did you expect?!

Flashing back to Saturday, I took Xander in the snuggly and went off to the 3 bazaars in the area. The one at the church had frozen pies I was eager to snag, haha. Xander was making friends with people in the line up and grinning away, especially the fellow with these huge glasses. I got 6 pies, 4 apple and 2 strawberry & rhubarb. Yummy! They are so great to have on hand for last minute desserts, and the money helps out the church, so bonus! Then I went to the seniors craft sale and found a little crayon holder which I will be honest, I bought just so I could figure out how they made it so I could do them for birthday gifts for friends. Lastly I went to the museum craft event and got some cute knit booties for Xander. I had gotten the same pair for Ariel in pink when she was a baby, so I was hoping to find some in blue for my boy. Success! *YAY from Xander*

On the way home we walked past the craft shop and I ducked in when I saw something that caught my eye in the window. These little wooden advent calendars! I had been searching for something the kids could have in their rooms and these were perfect, and might I add, super cheap!!! I brought them home and personalized them with the kid's initials on the star, ta da!

Later that afternoon, Ken wanted to do some personal shopping for my stocking, so he went to Costco and left me at the mall so I could walk around since I wanted my exercise and it was dumping rain outside. The mall was packed! Since I usually only go there first thing in the morning, I am not use to so many people. Ack, claustrophobic!!! We met up again, had a late lunch and came home.

Sunday was church and hanging out together, which was nice. I spent as much time as I could painting the picture for Xander's room. I did a quick wash to start it off...

... and then got down to business. It is almost done. Just the ground and trees left to finish, yay!

Monday came and back to routine. I dropped Ariel off at school and took Xander in for his 2 month appointment with the doctor which was already like 3 weeks overdue, oops. I was expecting him to get his shots, since I asked if they did them there, but sadly was mistaken, er, their front end staff was mistaken more like it. Blah! So I need to book an appointment at the health unit soon... note to self!

Other than that, Xander's appointment was great. My 14lb little man is doing well, and the doctor was pleased with him development wise and wowed by his size... and his hair, haha.

I am loving my morning wake up greeting from him. He is always grinning and excited to see me. Gosh it gets me every time, love you big boy! Hee! My growing boy was sadly lacking some sleepers that fit. We had some in every size we got as gifts, except in the 3-6 month size, weird! So I got 2 pairs of fuzzy ones and Xander was pleased and I love to snuggle him in them.

In completely non-related news, my hair is falling out. I lost lots of hair after having Ariel, and after having Xander nothing fell out so I thought it wasn't going to happen this time... haha, wrong! I am feeling like a giant hairball, and have to keep my hair tied back at all times to avoid it being everywhere. Ugh, can't wait till its over. Blah.

Ok, dinner time is drawing near and Ariel should be coming out of playing in her room in search of food, haha. I want to leave you with this funny picture. Upon first glance, its just my slipper with some bears shoved in, but I was quickly corrected by my princess that it is in fact a tent. Yes, her bears are camping in my footwear... ah the joy of imagination.


kelly ens said...

i love those advent calendars! i never really grew up with them, but i want to start those for our kids. hopefully this year? :)
i thought st. nick day was dec. 5th... but maybe just in the dutch world?
xander is just the CUTEST LITTLE THING!!!! so adorable :) He and Ariel must be well known around Ladner for being uber-cute and incredibly well-dressed :)

Jay said...

Yes, your right. The Dutch tend to celebrate on the 5th, which in considered "St Nicholas Eve" while most other cultures that celebrate tend to do so on the 6th. Kinda like people here, some always do things on Christmas eve, while others celebrate Christmas day. Either way, lots of days to pick from :)

SarahRachel said...

We feel the same way about X-mas! My family didn't do Santa and I was the mean kid that told other kids he wasn't real. I LOVE ya'lls take on it. What a cool idea.
Xander is as adorable as can be!! He looks like such a sweetie!

Kristen said...

I love the santa pic!! You always amaze me with your craftiness! I love looking at your creations!

Tera said...

I agree about Santa and Christmas. As long as we focus on Christ's birth, I think a little imagination with Santa is ok too. We read the Christmas story from their Bible Story Book and then pray together on Christmas morning before opening gifts. I love the Advent trees! Adorable!! You are doing an amazing job on Xander's painting! Wow! Oh- and for the hair loss, it usually starts around 2 mo and peaks at 4 mo, so hopefully you won't have to deal with it too much longer!

Kristin said...

The pic of the kids with Santa turned out great. :) And your painting for Xander's room looks wonderful!

Fun stuff.

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