Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Funny Faces

I had to do a little mid-week post just to share some funny faces from Xander! I remember doing this with Ariel around this time as her personality started emerging. My little guy is cooing up a storm and loves to give some silly looks for the camera. He has gotten use to it and is more willing to smile with me holding it, yay!

I call this one 'duh' or the future teenager deer in headlights look...

Mr smiley! This grin is so gonna charm the ladies one day, haha.

Blah... I totally understand little dude.

Eh... so coy. This is the look he usually gives if he isn't impressed

Smirk... or the 'you are gonna love the present I have in my diaper' look

Ariel has been learning about dinosaurs at school and today when I picked her up I got an 'Ariel-a-saurus' instead. Roar, chomp, chomp!

Speaking of school, here is the new picture! Isn't it like a 100% better!!! I am so happy, as is Ariel. She keeps wanting to see the old one then the new one, I guess its a good lesson in opposites.

Not much else to report so far this week. Just good school days and a good ballet class. Getting closer to her performance, I am so excited! I watch her practice a bit at home and its so cute. Will post her performance up here when it finally happens... a few more weeks. Eek!!!

I spent this afternoon cleaning out my hutch and I have a box of old stuff that I either don't use or just held on to because I liked it... but the new rule is that I keep only what I use, so out it goes. The good news is, with the free space I was able to fit both my Nana's good china and my Mom's tea set in my hutch! Its been stored in rubbermaid bins in the closet and I never used it since it was difficult to get to, not anymore. Yay!

Ok, Ken is home, time for a visit. I shall leave you with the 'Gerber' baby. Hee.


Tera said...

Looks like you guys enjoyed lots of fun Halloween festivities. Your community offered great stuff! Love all of Xander's cute faces! Ariel's picture is adorable. :) I hear you on trying to avoid the's so hard!

tvlover1 said...

Love those pictures of Xander! He's a cutie alright :-)

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