Saturday, October 17, 2009

He smiles!!!!

At seven weeks old my little guy started to finally start to smile more regularly, although I am yet to get a really good picture of one of them. I am so excited to see those smiles more, and guess who gets most of them?

ARIEL! He loves her and usually when she is sitting beside his chair he flashes a huge grin at her. I must say its very sweet, especially since she dotes on him so much. I just melt when I see them together, awww. My beautiful kids, gosh I love them!

Oh, speaking of pictures, we got her school picture proofs. Oh man, they were as bad as I thought they might be. I was just going to to order one for her school memory book but Ariel saw the proof sheet and freaked out. She kept calling it her 'bad news'. Sooooo, we are signed up for retakes in a week. If you are wondering how bad it was... you be the judge.... oh and this was the better of the 2, ha!

This was a short week and again I got behind on blogging, oh well. We have been all been recovering from our sniffles and are pretty much all better. Ken stayed home on both Tuesday and Wednesday to recover, which actually helped me out since I had my 6 week post-partum visit with the doctor in Richmond and didn't want to have to drag both kids along. I left Ariel at home and just took Xander with me.

The appointment was good and my scar has healed nicely and everything looked good. In fact, I got a huge surprise with some new info in regards to having more children, it IS possible, but it would require tight monitoring and a controlled c-section where they don't use as many fluids during the surgery. It still has risks and personally I am still torn. The more I look at my kids I am content, but I am sure we will pray about it and see what happens in 2 years. Its nice knowing there is a choice again, but its still a hard one. Basically, my doctor didn't want us to rush into permanent measures that wouldn't allow any more kids until we got more results about my condition, so I appreciate that. She has been a great doctor, and I am thankful I got to have her for this pregnancy.

Ariel had another great week at ballet, and has been starting to practice at home. Her memory really amazes me. From her retaining her dance moves to reciting her 'children's Bible' stories word for word, I just shake my head in awe. Last night Ken called me up to watch her read out (although it was from memory) her Bible book. Not only did she say it perfectly, she did it with expression. Can we say performing is in her future? Most likely at this rate. I hope to get a video of it soon, its just crazy!

Xander, besides starting to smile more, also had another trick to show off. Check out this raising his head action! He is just growing up so fast.

Look at his cutie! I know, I'm bias, but he is so adorable I could squeal. Hee.

Oh, and on a funny note.... people often asked which Disney movie did Xander come from, haha. (Seriously, just because we are animators, doesn't mean we name our kids after cartoons, we just happened to like the name Ariel when picked it) Well, he may not have a Disney name, but he looks like a Disney baby. Xander and baby Tarzan... haha. Sorry it isn't the greatest picture, but it was the only one I could find online.

On Friday, Kara sent me a message if the kids and I would meet her for lunch. So we drove out to meet her at De Dutch, yay. Ariel was happy to see her and it was a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Ariel decided to show off her eating skills... a nice full plate...

...ta da! Thumbs up for a clean plate. Her appetite is back full force, yay.

We went back to Kara's place to hang out and Ariel did a drawing for Chris and God. Its up on their fridge now, haha.

Some cute smiles for Aunty Kara

Today was my special day, I got to go to the spa for some serious pampering. Whee! Ken's mom had sent a gift card shortly after Xander was born to the local spa. I had been waiting to go and then this week I got an email about their anniversary specials, and they had several services lowered so much I could get a real bang for my gift card. So I got a 30 minute massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Plus with booking those, I got a $30 package of skin care products for free. It was soooooooooooo awesome. The massage was so relaxing and what my body totally needed. I had never had a facial before and I can say it was pretty darn cool. I was there for 4 hours of pure bliss, ahhh.

While I was out this morning, Ken got us some tickets to the Disney on Ice show next month! That will be so much fun, and its Ariel's first ice show. I love a good skating show, and the commercial for this one looks fabulous with all the costumes and characters involved. Yay, can't wait.

Had to share this picture, Daddy and Ariel enjoy playing 'My little ponies' together. Soooooooooooo cute!

Ok, I have decided what my new show is this year... GLEE! Its so awesome, the writing is funny and the music is great. Ken is enjoying it as well, which is nice since we don't have a lot of things we watch together since ER ended last year. If you haven't seen it, I found this promo on you tube.

I also had to show this, I just can't stop laughing at this, just so awesome.

Well this week I hope to get started and hopefully finish Ariel's costume. I made a list of things to do around the house too, so hoping I get lots of those crossed off. I am slowly going around and tidying up things in various closets and cupboards. I just wish I had more time and energy, oh well. Ok, time to get ready for bed. Good night!


Kristin said...

Look at Xander's chubby cheeks, I love it!
Yes retakes it is for Ariel for sure, you would think someone hired to take pictures of a bunch a preschoolers would be able to do a better job than that!

Kristen said...

Love the smiles! I am eagerly awaiting them myself! You have 2 beautiful children for sure Jay! Great news from your dr.!

Tera said...

Love the Xander/Tarzan comparison! :) I agree about Ariel's picture...she is such a cutie, seriously how could they mess it up? Hopefully it goes better next time. Glad to hear you have options for another baby in the future if you decide to expand your family again. I'm so jealous of your awesome spa day!! I called on Friday to schedule a massage and I finally had to tell them I'd call another time b/c none of my available times were fitting with their schedule. :(

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