Thursday, July 12, 2007


Looking at this picture it is suddenly becoming very clear my baby is turning into a little girl. Wow. I knew she would officially be a toddler in a month, but just looking at her face is amazing. She is so full of life, and ready to take over the world... once she figures out the walking thing.

See that uber cute clip in her hair! Its made by No Slippy Hair Clippy. (click on the name, to see website). They are so awesome, and they actually stay in her hair!!! I highly suggest these if your little gal has thin hair.

I have never been one that people call lucky. Haha. In fact, I don't really believe in luck, but the past little while, lets say things have been pretty cool. So I got an email today saying I won tickets to the Dancing with the Stars live tour that is coming to town in a week or so! I entered via my radio stations facebook page. So, since its not on Ken's top priority, and frankly I have been stuck at home with a baby several times when he was out doing 'guy stuff', I am taking Kara out for a 'girls night'. Woot. Should be fun! Plus, that means Ken will get to play 'mom' and go to one of Ariel's swim classes. Hehe.

Other surprising tidbit. Remember how I wanted to have the invites out by the 14th, then I decided to order the special stamps and most likely had to wait till they arrived around the 20th to send them off... well guess what arrived today! Woot! I am happy to say, the invites are back on schedule! Look at all the little Ariel heads. Hehe.

Found out that Ken's mom broken her wrist in a classroom incident and on top of that found out the pain she had in her leg for the past little while is also in fact a broken bone! My heart goes out to her. Maybe we can get Ariel to play doctor during their visit next month. We had Ariel talk to her Grammy on the phone tonight, here's hoping that helps.

Looks like we are getting a break from the heat tonight. Its still warm, but anything is an improvement over last night. Ugh.

Can't believe its Friday tomorrow... when did that happen?


Dynamitedianne said...

love the stamps! :)

Katrina said...

What a cute pic of Ariel with the hair clip; you're right she really does look older!

Wow, you're really going all out with the invitations. I had no idea you could get custom stamps. What cute and creative invitations they will be!

Megan said...

Gosh, Ariel's looking grown-up!!!! What a beautiful little girl you have! I love the stamp idea (we did them for our wedding invites) I'm thinking we'll do it again for Xmas cards this year!

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