Saturday, July 14, 2007

11 Months.... the countdown begins

Come on mommy, don't you have enough pictures of me yet? Nope! The way my little girl is changing these days, I am glad I take as many pictures that I do. Its amazing to look back at the changes of not only her size but her looks as well. Her hair is continuing to lighten up. Its looks a lot like mine did at that age. I was born with black hair and was fair by a year. She is following that it seems. Nice to know she got some of my genes, as she is pretty much a clone of her daddy most of the time. Hee.

She is really starting to stand on her own a lot. I catch her pushing herself up in the middle of the room, then standing there with a toy, looking around. This girl so wants to walk, but she hasn't quite figured it out. Ariel cruises along the furniture at lightening speed, but no independent step without something to hold on to. She is trying to copy words more these days too. Every so often we kinda get a 'hi da' and after kisses or she gives something to us we say thank you, and she replys 'ah dat' which I think is her version of thanks. She definitely knows the word no, and isn't liking it one bit. She will stand there and whine if I say no, rather funny and yet she won't back down. I apparently passed along my stubbornness. Great.

This morning we went to help Nana fridge shop. Ariel decided she was going to drive. Kidding. Anyhoo, Nana had to buy a new fridge as the outdoor one kicked the bucket, and so they are moving the inside one out, and a new one in. Its really nice, the kind with the bottom freezer that pulls out. Sweet. However, the sales person was less than sweet. In fact, she was down right rude. I was floored with her attitude, even after she was getting the sale. She wasn't impressed with Ariel, who was getting tired of looking at appliances. She said, that girl is quite demanding isn't she... and this comment wasn't in the nice, cute voice. If that wasn't enough, she called us out for price checking at Home Depot across the street. Get over it lady. Good grief. What I told Nana afterwards, is for being so snotty, she sure didn't live up to her last name that was on her business card... Patience. Hahah. Yes, a far cry indeed.

Last night we got Ariel a bubble machine for the deck. She loves bubbles, and this thing makes bubbles in a HUGE way. Its amazing! She was covered and loving it. She stuck her face practically into it just so they blow at her. So sweet. She was crying when I turned it off for lunch. Poor girl.

Tonight was FAN (Fun Away Night) with the ladies at church. We were doing a garden tour of 3 peoples yards from church. There are some amazing yards in town, thats all I will say. Simply stunning. One of the them we saw up the tree, a mommy raccoon and 3 babies. They are sure cute, but they are naughty neighbours, and chicken killers (cough, yes, all 3 of my chickens met an early end thanks to them, and apparently so did Brenda's this past week, ugh). We came back, had some juice and goodies, yum. I got home around 10ish, in time to nurse Ariel and put her to bed.

Looks like she and daddy had a good time tonight. They went for a walk, had a fun bath and were both sitting by the window looking for me as I drove up. Hee. She is still just sleeping in her diaper, and if things continue to heat up, we will be downstairs soon for bed.

Not much planned for tomorrow. Church and relaxing I think. Maybe some birthday prep crafts. The last of the invites were finished today, and I was working on the homemade gift we are giving Ariel. Sure we got her some toys, but we wanted to make something too. Its looking so good, can't wait to see it finished. I would say more, but its a surprise for the party. Eek! Only a month to go! Yikes!


kelly said...

Thanks for the tip about the hair clips in your last post. They would be great for Taeya. And what a CUTE picture of Ariel (aren't they all though?)
that bubble thing is just awesome - taeya loves it too :)
can't wait to see pictures of the surprise gift for Ariel!!!

Jay said...

Yeah, its a fantastic hair clip! I just happen to find one while out shopping. I had been looking at the website for a while. The store I found it at, didn't have much selection, so I ended up placing an order from the website. Hee. They are just too cute for words.

Hee, I am so excited about our gift for Ariel. Its something we hope to make a tradition of. Can't wait to show everyone... I may give a sneak peak on the blog, I am terrible keeping things totally a secret. Haha.

Lovin' Taeya's pool video, so sweet. We may have to get the girls together some time. :)

SarahRachel said...

I totally agree with the pictures. I loove looking at all the ways Jackson changes. You've got some great ones here! It sounds like Ariel and Jackson are in the same place with walking and talking. So close!! Your ladies' night sounds like it was lots of fun! Us moms need those sometimes!

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