Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rain, rain go away!

I use to love the rain, still do, but its much harder with Ariel in tow to get out and about. We only got out for a brief walk and stop at the park this morning between sprinklings. She is quite amused with the rain. Not sure what it is, so that's cute.

My copy of Harry Potter hasn't arrived yet, boo. I could have had it by now if I had ordered one from the Canadian Amazon site, but since our other books are the US covers, I ordered from the US site. It should arrive on Monday... we shall see.

Ariel spent a good part of the morning finding her numerous sippy cups that she throws from her high chair under the table, then finishes them off while playing or looking through books. She looks funny just standing in the middle of the floor drinking. What a turkey. (That big pile of stuff in the corner is birthday supplies, just so you don't think we live in a junk yard.)

I also managed to get a video of her pointing out the nose on one of her toys. Oh yes, she is smart. Today its nose, tomorrow physics.

Then after some homemade pizza, we went out to watch some of the Tour de Delta in the rain. Hard to believe its been a year since we were out there trying to get labour going. So strange to have a complete flip in weather from last year to this one too. Either way, it was fun and it was easier to see since there weren't as many people.

We walked around to get several different angles of the action, saw a few wipe outs (that's rain for ya) and ran into a few friends from church. Ariel met a dog, a big highlight of the evening. We forgot to bring our cowbells, but we were handling both baby and umbrella, so something had to go. Next year Ariel can ring the cowbell, that will be fun. Overall, Ariel liked the bikes and we look forward to taking her again... here's hoping for sun.

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Jeff said...

Yay, physics!

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