Friday, July 20, 2007

Splish Splash

It was a rainy day today. Thus keeping us inside, and making my home a war zone for a particular little girl who wanted to explore. It was fun, and in the end, wasn't too bad for cleaning up, so all was good. We had fun playing, reading and hanging out. At lunch I made up some tea, which is always nice on a cold day. Here is some of the action from this morning.

Scab-gate 2007 update, its pretty much over. The flesh wound is pretty much just a light red mark on her nose. I expect it to be fully gone in another few days. Yay. Now lets keep the accidents until after the birthday party and pictures. Hahah.

Kara came by after lunch today to look for music for a dance at church. She isn't sure quite yet what the speaker is talking about, so we picked a few things that could work from the title she was given. Curious to see what she picks. Ariel got to show off her new clothes we got on the shopping trip. Aunty Kara gave a thumbs up to several of them. Whee.

Nap time for both of us. I set up my fruit fly trap. I learned about it from Kim's blog, who I think learned it from Karen's... see how blogs help us out! Either way, I have 2 dead ones already, and its only been set up since noon, sweet. You shall all be terminated. Brew haha. If you wanna try it, here is the mixture. Take a coffee cup, put in 1/2 cup of water, 1 tablespoon each of sugar and vinegar and 1 or 2 drops of dish soap.(no more or it won't work) Then wait... like I said, I caught 2 already. Hee.

Had dinner and met up with Ken at the pool. He was going to take some pics and video so you can see her in action. Its hard to get pics from behind the glass, but here are a few of the best ones.

There was only Ariel and one other girl today in class. Poo. Either way, we had a great session. Ariel is getting better on her back. She isn't as fond of it for doing floats.(Remember how fast she learned to flip while sleeping so she could sleep on her tummy). Anyways, teacher Chelsea was amazed with Ariel's strength and ability at such a young age. I am a proud mama. Hee.

Its kinda weird its Friday, since it doesn't feel like it. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. My copy of Harry Potter should arrive soon, then I shall have something to do in the meantime. We were to be going to the out door movies tonight of Indiana Jones, but it was called off due to rain. Blah.

Oh, the surprise birthday gift arrived today. I was toying with the idea of waiting till the party was over, but I don't know if I can... A show of hands, who wants to see it?

To close, here are some video highlights from class. You only can hear the noise from where Ken was filming, and please notice that Ariel saw Ken filming and refuses to jump to me, what a turkey... then its Ariel in a PFD. We were doing our impression of a scene from what movie. Haha.

EDIT - was having issues with the last video and you tube, so used a differnt site.

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Kim said...

Glad to hear you're experiencing some success with the fruit fly juice :-) I think I finally ended up killing around 30 fruit flies with my most recent batch.

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