Monday, July 09, 2007

Seven Wonders

I was a photo nut the past few days, so you will have to bear with me. Haha.

Sunday was nice, stayed in the nursery to help. Its just so nice having it there to use... especially thinking back to when we were using the high school briefly. Ugh. Yes, I heart nursery!

Ariel was snacking down again on the plastic pickles. Yum. Am I proud. Of course! They went with her everywhere, no matter what she was playing with. She nearly left with them last week, pickle thief.

Had dinner at Nana's with the family. Special guest Rose was visiting, so that was nice. Ariel was getting introduced to the grass, and it took awhile, but she finally did get it. In fact, she loved it, and the dirt... and hose... and anything else that got in her way. She got reacquainted with Grandpa who has been away for several weeks. She never holds a grudge too long, lol.

Today was rough. Ariel was a bit cranky during shopping in the village with Nana. She expects to be picked up and when it doesn't happen, raises a huge stink. Lovely! Poor Nana never does well with that routine, nor do I for that matter. Plus that dang tooth is still staying well hidden, and yet she is chewing on everything in sight... soon, please Lord soon!

Tonight we went to the park to use up some of that extra energy she has in the evenings. She was crawling everywhere and I was having fun snapping pics. I'd really love to get more in to photography again, perhaps in a job way at some point down the road. We shall see. For now, I love my subject, she is pretty amazing.

Now for something completely different. I wanted to start a new little thing here on the ol' blog, and we shall see how it goes. Anyways, wanted to do a little 'Monday Music Moment', to either talk about anything new I discover and enjoy, or old favs that strike my fancy that particular day.

This then left me with a huge choice, what would be first? I knew it had to be a Fleetwood Mac song, because they are one of the earliest groups that I can remember having an effect on me. So, I give you not a song that was an instant classic to me, but one that I grew to love like a worn pair of sneakers.

As a kid, 'Seven Wonders' was a song on the Fleetwood Mac tape that I didn't like. All I could remember was how it was the roadblock before my favorite song, and how it sometimes seemed to go on forever... dang tapes, cds make it so much easier to skip over stuff. However, after years of hearing it, the one day when I played it while cleaning around the house, something caught me off guard. It was a really good song! It had something about it that made me play it over and over, like trying to understand the hidden message within it. The melody had these little roller coaster moments that would be so cool, and I remember talking with Ken about how amazing this track was. To this day now, its one I could play over and over and never grow tired of. If I live to see the seven wonders... I'll make a path to the rainbow's end... I'll never live to match the beauty again... The rainbow's end...

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kelly said...

great pictures, as usual. There is one picture in particular where she looks SO much like ken. She does anyway, but in one picture for sure.

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