Monday, July 23, 2007

Christmas in July

Big find this past weekend! As we were heading out the door for church, I saw that someone had left several large items over at the recycling and garbage area. Sitting on what appeared to be a bookshelf, was a little, artificial Christmas tree. After scooting over to look it over, it was perfect, clean, and from the looks of it, was just picked up not too long ago at the second hand store (recognized the tag). So we got Ariel her own little tree for her room! She got numerous ornaments last year, enough to decorate my other little fake tree that I had planned on giving to her from my hallway display, but no longer have to do that. Heheh. That's 2 dumpster trees (as we call them) for our family. I like free.

Didn't do much today, as I was hoping my Harry Potter book would arrive today... it didn't. Blah. Tomorrow Kara is coming to do some housework and laundry for me, yay. I always love hiring some help in the summer, helps her and me. A winning combo. Later we will be heading to the big Dancing with the Stars show. Yay. Hoping Ken makes out ok with the swimming class with Ariel. Kinda sad to miss him in there with her.

As I was preparing a bag of clothes to take to the local consignment shop tomorrow, I spotted a toy Ariel got at the baby shower that she was pretty much ready for. I pulled it out and she spent most of the day playing with it. She likes that it plays music, nursery rhymes etc, and I like it because its softer sounding than that stinking musical book she has over at Nana's. Daddy came home and they both played with it for awhile before we headed out for a walk.

Picked up some ink for the printer, baby bath wash and baby snack stars and headed home. It was a nice evening, the sky was amazing. Looks as if the warmer weather is coming back. Apparently the lower mainland hit a record for July, for the seven days straight of rain. Oh to be proud of our rain. Haha.

So this week's musical moment is amazing song and video by Kellie Coffey called I would Die For That, that I saw this week through another blog I read. It was so moving and really touched on the longing a woman can go through for a child. I think it touched on all aspects and choices people may go about to fulfill that dream. As my good friend Dianne put it, her dream is to adopt. I want to dedicate this to her and to all the ladies out there trying to make their dreams a reality.


Dianne said...

You're an absolute sweetheart, Janet :) **hug and hugs and hugs**

I love that you're stalking the same blogs I am... I've seen that video on at least 3 of them!

Carol said...

If you are looking for trendy and hip children's clothes this place has some cute stuff!

jilltan said...

I love that song and just recently added it to my myspace page. After 4 m/c's this song and video really touchest the deepest part of my heart!

missmarble said...

Well this poopy weather has been on the Island too...blah. Today was better though...hope it's nicer there for you as well.

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