Saturday, July 28, 2007

Party Girl

I really hope this isn't a sign of Ariel's wanting to join the ranks of the Paris, Lindsey and Britney party scene. Argh. Hey, did you hear Nicole is getting 4 days in jail!? Is that all? I think Lindsey isn't too far behind now, sigh. What is with this party lifestyle that is so appealing? Its lost on me...

Now, before anyone jumps on me, the bottle is empty! She was picking up pop cans and when I took all those away, she moved on to the empty bottles she was finding. My brother made sure to finish his beer, he doesn't share well. I think because we don't drink in our home, it makes for a curious item for Ariel. Of course all the cameras come out when the baby picks up a beer bottle!

Ariel made out good at the party eating mostly bun, some corn and blueberries (her white shirt is soaking as I type, it will survive!) The celebration was for Nana and Fran's birthdays. It was a good chance as well for me to check out how to have things set up for the big birthday party next month. Looking at renting or borrowing a few tables I think. It will be very cool.

I did the cake for tonight, more practice! I tried the recipe that I will be using next month. I had to make it twice, as the first time the cake split when coming out of the pan. The second time I used wax paper and it was perfect. Note to self...

Most of the evening people watched Ariel crawl at the speed of light, or practice her walking. She was doing really well, and was up to almost 10 steps! She is quite proud of herself. Actually, she likes putting coats on her head and for some reason, she can walk almost perfectly! Maybe because she isn't relying on her sight. Either way, pretty silly to watch.

This morning we had breakfast with Nana and Papa at ABC. Ariel ate a whole pancake herself. Yum. She made friends with a little boy named Parker at the next table. He had the most beautiful blond curls.

Afterwards I drove to the rentals store and changed the color of the tablecloths to match the fabric I got for the centers. The cranky old man was there... again. Blah. Once that was done, I went to the cemetery for a stop by to see mom. It was her birthday this past week, and I didn't get to come up then, so I made sure go today. I walked with Ariel in her stroller around the cemetery, looking at all the different items people left at the graves. I need to find something I guess.

Tomorrow is church and following it will be a BBQ! Yay.

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