Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

Ariel is standing on guard for thee! Hehe.

It has been an exciting day. Its not only Canada's 140th birthday, but the birthday of newborn Molly! Congrats Julie, Chris, Sarah and Anna! (Julie is Jo's oldest sister) Another little princess is welcomed into the world. Can't wait to see her.

Had brunch after church with Nana, Papa, Deb and Blair. Nice to get to spend some time with them and since I know Aunty Deb is now reading the blog, a special message to her.... 'we love you very much!'

Its been very hot today, so much for the rain they talked about. *Watch it dump now that I said that. Haha*

Well, not much else to say, since we haven't done much but relax and visit.... a perfect holiday in my opinion. Looking forward to having Ken home tomorrow. Much fun will be had. Whee!

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