Saturday, June 30, 2007

Movie Night

So we had a great time at the outdoor movie night in White Rock. It was so much fun and I am glad that Stella and Jack were able to join us. Its always so much more fun with friends. Since we arrived early, there really wasn't a need to use the VIP seating that I won. We were able to sit closer than the spot they had. I did however also get some prizes including passes to Science World, Splashdown and a CD of songs from chick flicks. Haha. The promotions lady also gave Ariel a balloon and of course she was won over. Every time she saw that lady, she wanted to hold her hand. Too cute!

It was a very cool setup. The screen was inflated, and they were using a video projector on top of a car. Mind you it was the biggest projector I have ever since. Compared to the one we have at church, this one was the mother-ship!

They had lots of fun free things for the kids. They had 2 bouncy castles, which Ariel tried out with Aunty Stella, a face painter and a clown making balloon creatures. She made Ariel an Elmo hat. That was the funniest thing ever, and she got many laughs from the crowd.

Ariel enjoyed playing with the traffic cones and dancing to the live band they had playing. She even got to meet her first RCMP. I told him the picture could be 'baby's first bust' and he joked he should have gotten out the handcuffs for the picture. Lol. He has a 6 month old daughter, so he was sharing stories of how she was born several weeks early and how amazed he is of her. Its so cool hearing other first time parents glowing about their kids.

As it grew darker, Ariel grew more fussy and ready to sleep. Stella got her to crash in her arms and Ken held her for the whole movie, which she slept through! I can't tell you how much I love Grease! Its just so much fun and the music just makes you happy. The crowd was singing along and doing the actions to the dances. These kinds of movies are so much fun with lots of people, it just adds to the experience.

We got home shortly after midnight and had a great sleep. Bless Ariel for staying asleep and even letting us sleep in till 830am. I guess that was her anniversary gift to us. After a lazy morning, Nana came to babysit so we could go see the new Pixar film 'Ratatouille,' which is AMAZING!!! All the reviews are right, this is an amazing film... and understand when I say FILM! Its not just a movie for kids, its not your 'quick turn out the crap' kinda cartoon, it has an amazing story and its just glorious to watch from a filmmakers viewpoint. When it was over I just wanted to stand and clap, and even was a little choked up at the end. I love cooking and this film captured the passion of the kitchen and presented it in such a way that moved me... not to mention the rat was SUPER CUTE! (I am in need of a little rat toy now - hee).

We chatted about spiritual connections like we always do after a movie and Ken has some thoughts for a Hollywood Jesus review and linking it to a sermon that was given by good friend Tom early this month. Should be interesting.

Came home to a happy daughter. We took her for a walk, ran into several friends from church, got some watercolor paper and came home for take out dinner from the boot. Yum. Ken is now crashed on the couch with Ariel, so I should go get them both into bed... as tomorrow is CANADA DAY! Yay.

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Kim said...

I'm glad to hear the new Disney movie is good - I really want to see that one myself! It sounds like everyone had a good time watching Grease - I'm thinking about going to see Indiana Jones!

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