Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Recap! and Adventures Downtown

So Ken had a nice first Father's Day. I made him breakfast in bed, then gave him some gifts from Ariel and I. We went to church and had lunch at Nana's where we got to visit with Aunt Penny and Uncle Bill, who were still here. When they rolled out at 2pm, we headed home to let Ariel nap. While she napped, we ended up falling asleep ourselves on the downstairs couch. When we heard her crying to get her, we realized it was past dinner time, oops.

Ken picked up some dinner from the Boot and we had a nice quiet evening. Ariel is wanting more and more regular food when she sees what we are eating. So she tried some rice, black beans and chicken... yummy.

Today we headed down to Granville Island with Stella and Kara (who got back into town this weekend - yay!). I found what I was looking for right away, which was totally awesome. Then we could play. Ariel really liked it, too bad it was kinda cold. She tried some fish and chips at lunch, watched the real cool machine outside the cement truck place, boogied to some guitar playing, road the swing with Kara and even found a new hat for the fall. Here are the pictures from our adventures today.

One neat surprise was that the lady who was machine quilting my winter quilt, had it done! So I got to pick it up and all that remains is the binding. Yay. After 2 years of not getting finished, I am happy to say it will this year. After finding out our hydro is going up again, I look forward to the large quilt to keep warm and maybe save me some bucks, haha.

Came home and since Ariel slept in the car, she was up and active. So we went for a walk to the store for the groceries. We made a quick stop at the florist to order some flowers for Sunday. Ariel was quite into the shop's HUGE cat named Noris. We got home and she is taking another little nap so I can get a break. Daddy should be home soon and we can have dinner.

Tomorrow is BABY DAY! Yes, its that time again for Ariel, Carter and Issac to get together for a play date. Last time Issac was sick, so it will be neat to see how big he has gotten. I am hoping for sun so they can play outside! Guess we will see.

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