Saturday, June 02, 2007

Say hello to my little friend...

...yes, meet my little ipod Nano. Awe, isn't it the cutest thing ever? I love the blue, had to go with my gut on the color. Plus its an easy color to spot in various messy situations with having a child in our home. Hah.

Apparently, this was the best choice for me, after researching and talking to a few people. I have been dying to have one of these since Ken got his ipod for his 30th birthday a few years ago.

(And not the one Bin Laden stole - Ken's first ipod never arrived via mail, it was stolen from customs, so we came to our own conclusion on what happened to it. Second ipod was hand delivered, I don't blame Ken's mom after all that, sheesh.)

Anyways, back to my new toy. I picked it up this afternoon, and was giddy all the way home. Then came the figuring out how it worked. Had to update itunes because the older version didn't like my nano, blah. Both of us sat confused, since this setup was slightly different than how Ken's worked. I finally figured it out and transferred a few songs for tonight, and plan on adding many tomorrow. Whee.

Other happenings of today, did some work for the client and sent it off, awaited pick up of the punch bowl - slight misunderstanding but all worked out, made yummy bok choy stir fry for dinner and got Ariel into bed with Ken's help.

Tomorrow is church, soup and bun lunch and party for Jo's mom 60th birthday and retirement. After looking at the party invite again, might not be able to stay long after church for the meeting, hmmm. If its important, than I guess we might have to be late to the party. We shall see.

Bed time. Bye


gurl_in_her_nutshell said...

so what kind of music do you listen to?..check out my blog,please.. (^_^)

blog title: THE TRYING HARD

Anonymous said...

did i tell you that Chris bought me an ipod shuffle? it's also very cute... and he got me the pink one :)


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