Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baby Days are here again

Today was the long awaited baby day at Stella's. We packed the car up early with Ariel's pool and treats to share with her boyfriends Issac and Carter. Since we arrived before everyone else, I got to help make up some wraps for lunch, while Kara took Ariel for a ride in the stroller. It was the first time she was pushed with someone wearing roller blades, I think she liked the speed.

The kids had a fun time, splashing in the pool and crawling in all directions. Gone are the days they would just sit there. Heh. Ariel helped herself to a banana wrap, yum. This girl is a food hound I tell ya. Issac really looks like a little boy instead of a baby, and Carter is just a sweet little bear, I can't get over the hands he has. Wow. Its cool to see them all together, and how much they have changed. I will try and post the older pics again to get a comparison or something... Anyhoo, here are some highlights from today.

After a fun morning, we came home for a much needed nap. Ariel and I both slept, it was wonderful. I woke up at 5pm to my cell phone ringing, followed by Ariel crying to get out of her crib. Had a clean out the fridge dinner, always nice since there isn't any work involved. Then we headed out for the evening walk in the warm sun. It sure feels like summer time... and yet its still officially spring. Weird.

Our place is heating up daily, since we get the evening sun directly in our living room. Gack. Thus making us get out for a walk until it sets and things cool off.

Stopped at the other park tonight, and played for a bit. On the way home, Ariel road on Ken's shoulders, which is really cute. Hee.

Not much planned for tomorrow, just some odds and ends to do before Sunday. Other than that, I want to keep things a little low key, need a rest. Well, here's hoping the sun lasts a few more days, tis nice.

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Jeremy & Erin said...

Hey Janet, it was great seeing you today, I think Carter had a really good time as well. You got some really cute pictures! We must have just missed you at the park, because we walked up around 4:30-5ish, what a coincidence! Hope you have a relaxing day tomorrow, see ya. Erin

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