Thursday, June 14, 2007

A toast to 10 Months Baby!

Ok, how did 10 months go so fast? Did I blink? I don't think so... and yet my little baby is growing more into a little girl day by day. She is really a firecracker when it comes to her personality. There are 2 speeds with Ariel, fast and faster. Ariel has really discovered her voice the past month, and enjoys a good yelling session on the deck when she hears the neighbourhood kids playing. They come and talk to her and she jumps and dances with excitement.

Ariel is in love with the copy game these days. If she is willing, she is pretty good at trying new sounds, as in the discovery of the Ffffff sound after discussing the fish. We get the odd uh oh when she drops something, and lots of raspberries! Ariel is in LOVE with several things that she can't have. In no particular order, the phone (both home and cell), the remote and the camera. When she succeeds in stealing one of said items, and I catch her, she tries to book it out of there but crawling up the stairs at light speed. Did I mention the fast and faster thing? She really takes off if she is getting her diaper changed. I guess she likes the whole 'natural' feeling. I don't like having to break out the spot cleaner after these moments of freedom. Heh.

I am in love with her mind. The wheels are always turning, and she is no dummy. She loves to sit looking at books and has mastered turning the stereo on so she can dance. We have also finally gotten the sippy cup thing down. She had it a long time ago, and she kinda forgot since she didn't want anything drink wise, unless it came from me. With the heat and constant teaching from Aunty Lala, the sippy (and regular cup for that matter) are very exciting. If I am drinking something, she comes over and opens her mouth for me to share. Hah.

Yes, she has been good at sharing too. If you ask her to give you what she is holding, she hands it over smiling and waits for you to give it back. Its really cute. Ariel is showing signs of standing on her own lately. Every so often I catch her letting go of the table or chair, and stands there perfectly still holding her toy. Part of me is scared of this whole concept of walking, but I guess when it happens it happens. Ken walked early... maybe she will take her time... no rush sweetheart.

One thing I can't figure out is how she can eat so much and be so tiny! Her buddy Carter is like a bear, and his Grandma was saying that he doesn't eat as much as she. Ariel can polish a jar size amount of chunky food (meat and veg) for dinner, a jar size amount of fruit for dessert, some cut up fresh fruit for finger food, a few drinks of water and 2 baby mum mum cookies to finish the meal... soon after the girl wants to breast feed. Amazing!

So today Ariel, as you enter the double digits, I raise a sippy and toast you on the first 10 months of your accomplishments, never ending humor and most importantly, all the joy you bring to us on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Ariel (and you) again on Sunday probably!! I know she will have changed a lot since April and I hope that over the summer we'll get to know each other a bit better! :)

Looking forward to being home!
~Auntie Kara

kelly said...

happy 10-months Ariel! it goes soooo fast, eh?

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