Monday, June 25, 2007

Just the two of us...

...we can make it if we try. Hehe. Yes, today marked the first of several day of which I would be a solo parent. Ken has gone off to an animation festival for work, so he will have a good time.

This morning we were going off with Stella and Kara to do some shopping. Whee. While getting ready, Ariel has figured out the toilet. After watching us flush it, the girl reached up, pulled the handle **FLUSH** and giggled and crawled away. Pretty funny actually.
After a brief moment of confusion of who was to meet who, we got on our way to the lot to drop off Stella's car to be fixed so it won't explode. This was my understanding anyways, heh.

Hit the fabric store and found some original strawberry shortcake flannel. Gonna make Ariel a new stroller blanket, since she is growing and needs something a bit bigger. Ariel was making friends with another little girl baby in the store. She is such a ham sometimes.

Had a good time at Linens and Things, got some new towels with a birthday gift card I hadn't used yet. Yay. Trying to lighten the look up a bit. Been searching for new towels for a while, and since I am pretty picky, I was very happy to find something that worked. Also got new pillows for our bed, 2 for $10!

Had lunch at the Pantry, yummy. Had a really good chicken burger. Ariel ate her jar of apples and oatmeal, a few cookies and about 6 mashed fries. Crazy. After some funny pictures of her and Kara with over sized fruit, we headed off to pick up Stella's car from the lot.

After splitting into 2 cars again, Kara and I decided to head to the mall for further shopping fun since Ariel was sleeping. We hit a few baby shops and found some good deals. Lots of sales on, always a treat. I got some nice things for next summer for princess.

When we went to take the elevator back up to the upper level of the Bay to get to the car, we soon discovered we had moved, but the door hadn't opened. Strange. Kara pushed a few buttons, nothing.... uh oh. After a brief look to each other of, hmmm. We got the elevator going down again, but then only opened a few inches. We weren't even on the floor, but slightly under it by a foot. Kara pushed the door open enough for us and the stroller to get out. Upon telling an employee, we were allowed to take the service one up. Cool. That was the adventure of the day and frankly I was glad I had Kara with me, nothing worse getting stuck in an elevator. Ugh.

Came home, played, watched people move out of our building, had dinner, went for a big walk, home again to bath and bed Ariel. Now its time for some tv. Good night. Day 2 of solo parenting tomorrow, wish me luck!

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