Saturday, June 02, 2007

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Yikes, we sure went from spring to summer overnight! Ken had to pull the fan out last night and it was easier to fall asleep thats for sure. We took a walk last night to go cool off and Ariel was lovin' it. Maybe more so because we kept running into people she knew, and was excited to see them.

While out, I got looking at all the ipods and nanos. I am trying to decide which would be better for me. I want something for my walks and workouts, nothing over the top. I really liked the nanos, especially the color choices! Oh I am such a girl sometimes. I liked the pink, but am leaning towards the aqua blue, which is by far my fav color. Then the practical side says, get silver, it goes with everything. Anyone have either ipod or nano, thoughts please?

Ok, now into the daily recap. Friday started early at 8ish with breakfast with Grandpa! Ariel was pretty good, its hard when I have to wake her up a bit earlier than usual. She was getting a bit cranky by the end, more so cuz she wanted to play and not sit any longer.

After breakfast, a quick stop at the church to drop off a disc with the father's day video we made a few years ago. Still a personal fav, maybe I will try and upload it to share for the big day. After the drop, I went on to drop Ariel at Stella's. I was joining Erin and Ellen for an exercise class. Been wanting to join one, but hate going alone to those things. It was fun, hard work but still I had a good time. With Ariel getting faster, mommy needs to get more in shape to keep up. Hehe.

Had a nice long nap on the couch while Ariel slept too. Ken came home, and I made homemade pizza, yum. I love my bread maker. Nothing better than fresh dough. We hung out until it got really hot in our place, then decided the walk was needed to cool off, thus coming back to the opening of my blog. See how things wrap up nicely?

Today is another hot one. I have Katrina coming by today to drop off work stuff, which is good since its right before nap time and I can get a lot done then, whee. Mike and Jo are coming by for my punch bowl. Which reminds me, better go dust it off.

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