Friday, June 29, 2007

Grease is the word!

As of 1130pm last night, our home was again complete. Ken got in from his adventure at the animation festival (you can read about it on his blog- see side list). Anyhoo, I was up working for the client so when I finished, we chatted a bit before crashing for the night.

Tonight, all 3 of us are going to the outdoor presentation of Grease! WOOT! I got the info via my radio station's facebook page. Its such a neat thing, just like a drive in but minus the cars. Its a family event, so kids of all ages are welcome and no alcohol or smoking allowed, which is always nice. They are planing several of these, so try and get out to one if you can. They are in White Rock, and the biggest plus, FREE BABY! Woot! So I said I would come, and thus got entered into a draw and won a spot in the VIP section for me and 3 others. Have invited Jack and Stella, so hope they will come. Ariel is excited. Her first big movie experience, and its GREASE! Hehehe, I am so giddy. Whee!

If you are interested, here are the other movies playing this summer.
* Raiders of the Lost Ark on Friday, July 20th
* JAWS on Friday, August 3rd
* The Goonies on Friday, August 17th
* E.T. on Friday, August 31st
When I was telling Ken about this over the phone this week, he nearly died of excitement too. This is like a top 5 list of his favs. Click here to get to the web page for more info if you want to look into going.

As for past few days being solo mommy, its been tough. I never realize how much I need those few hours when Ken gets home to rest and unwind. Yesterday wasn't much fun because while Ariel was napping, the kids who are moving out, were running in the halls and banging on things and thus, woke up Ariel who was freaked and was SCREAMING!!! Poor girl. I had to get her up since she refused to go back down. She was then out of sorts until bedtime. It made it really hard, and my patience was starting to waver. I ended up going out and telling the kids to stop the running... of course I waited so I didn't bite their heads off like I was originally feeling. Always good to count to 3... in this case, try 50.

Birthday dress is coming together. I spend a few mornings at Stella's getting some help assembling it, since having Ariel under foot makes it hard to concentrate. I am finished the hand stitching in the lining so all thats left is attaching the trims. I am also doing that by hand, frankly since its relaxing. In the pictures, Ariel has her first fitting, the the second one shows the trim pinned on. Will post the completed dress soon...

So, thats the recap... tomorrow is the big 6 year anniversary. Yay. Gotta love getting married on a long weekend, and I know a few people who will be sharing the day with us as they tie the know tomorrow. Happy happy, joy joy. Ok, off to sew, then to prepare for Grease... hee. "Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights."

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