Monday, June 04, 2007

Here we go again...

But first, a picture of Ariel and I, in happier times yesterday. (Yes I am being over dramatic).

... I woke up this morning to really strange things on the radio. Like they were playing some strange record, something maybe Ken would have played back in his DJ days, hehe. Anyway, I suddenly worried and went to check the web page for the station. CRAP!

'We wanted you to know that the time has come for a change. As of Sunday at midnight, Z95-3 is no longer. We can't thank you enough for your support of Z over the years. We really appreciate it. On Tuesday you will hear a new radio station on line (here), and on your radio at 95-3 FM.We hope you really like it. We think you will. '

Doing a quick Google search, I soon discovered all the on air people were let go last friday. Talk about lame, lame, lame. Its funny how attached you get to people you really have never met, but listen to everyday. I loved the Drew and Nat show and I wish them well. I am curious to see what the new format is... but I have a feeling I won't like it as much as they think I will. Heh.

So besides my radio friends crashing down into a pit of flames, this weekend was actually pretty nice. Sunday was the busy day, with church followed by the yummy soup and bun lunch done by Maria. Oh bless you, it was soooooooooooo good! Had to give her a hug afterwards because this woman rocks!

We had to duck out and miss the meeting, wasn't pleased to do that, but we had other commitments. Jo's mom was celebrating her retirement and 60th birthday, yay! Her teacher friends really went all out and performed a hilarious skit, a wonderful song and had some touching words for their friend. It was perfect weather, the gals (Jo and sisters) planned a perfect party and even got brother Jeremy in from Toronto.

Ariel was awake pretty much all afternoon, and I was surprised how well she was doing under those circumstances. She ended up crashing about 8ish and is still asleep. It was rough getting her down, as it looks like the 4th tooth is coming... fast! Poor baby.

Today, well, I am unsure at this point. I have a trip to the mall with Nana on the calender, but depending how she is feeling, that may change. Last night I spent a few hours adding music to my nano. Its quite a task really, since I have lots of cds. I can't wait to have a chance to listen to more of them now on this thing. I guess I should get back to it, not like I have a radio show to lay in bed and listen to. Blah.

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Dynamitedianne said...

WHAT???!!! No more Z?? I'm devastated!! Nat and Drew were my favs! What will I listen to now? I'll have to actually find a radio station in Calgary to listen to!

Un-freaking-believable! I can't figure out why they would halt it!

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