Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ariel vs Spaghetti

Not sure who won, but I think it was a tie. Either way, it was a great picture moment. Hehe

Had a lazy day, if there is such a thing. Had a late start to the morning and didn't go out to the store until 11am. Wandered around the store too long, as they are moving everything. Ack. Not sure if I will shop there until its done, as its a little nuts. Finally found the spaghetti noodles and headed home.

Decided to swing by the water park to see if it was on yet for summer. It was and ended up running into Brenda and her daughter's class who where having a field trip to the park. Got to visit with her and Wendy while a large number of grade one kids splashed their teacher. Haha. A little cold yet for me, but Ariel seemed keen to get in there. I guess we will have to round up the babies for a water day.

While there, Ariel got hungry and got a few cookies and some watermelon. Oh did she love that. She was so into it, that she tried to eat the green part. Poor girl didn't give up either, as she was convinced like most foods, it would soften eventually. She wasn't impressed when it went in the garbage. Oh well.

We came home and had some lunch. I went to the kitchen to get a rag, and came back to a sleeping baby. Guess she was tuckered out. She slept a good long time and I got to then wash the kitchen floor. Oh boy!

We played with the pool for a bit and made dinner. Daddy came home and Ariel watched him play pac-man. Apparently, she thought that was pretty funny.

Now she is bathed and almost ready for bed... in fact, I may be too.

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Dynamitedianne said...

Sigh. I look much the same way when I eat spaghetti.

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