Friday, June 15, 2007

Park and Ride

What a weird day for weather! I woke up to a downpour of rain and yet by later today, it was beautiful and sunny! Strange indeed.

Ken and I took Ariel out for a walk and to the park last night to celebrate the big 10 months. Its amazing how much she loves the toys there and was quite sad when we had to leave... or more so because Ken wasn't going to share his frap with her.... yes I think the later. She LOVES the slide and was laughing so hard. She tried many times to crawl back up it, good way to use up some of that energy. Hehe. I look forward to more park visits.

Here are some pictures of our time there. Check out the swing pic, as you can see all those teeth she has.

We stayed until it started to get cool and Ariel was rubbing her eyes. Walked home, got her into bed and just had a lazy night. Ken did some animation and I did some stitching. All in all, it was relaxing and nice.

Today was workout day. Stella and Ellen were taking Ariel and Carter in the pool while Erin and I went to class. Ariel was all excited and got to use her back back she got at Christmas from Grammy. Too cute. They had fun, and I guess I had fun, its more work than fun at times, but you know that its a good workout then. Had a little bumper car action in the parking lot. No injury or damage, so yay! Thank the Lord for Volvo's super bumpers. Hehe.

Mailed off stuff to Ken's brother Jonathan, so he will be happy. Got home and realized I forgot to buy cheese for the pizza. But I hear Ariel, so I shall go run now and get the cheese.

Kara is arriving home tomorrow. Yay!!! I think I might run out to the craft store then as well. Got a flyer and they have some scrapbook stuff on sale. Whee. Aunty Penny and Uncle Bill arrive tomorrow as well. Looking forward to visiting with them.

In closing, I'd like to share a moment that happened yesterday on the deck. Ariel and I were playing with the ball, and taking pictures. Suddenly, she could hear a familiar theme song starting on the tv... Without hesitation, she was inside watching Jon Stewart on tv. I guess it could be worse..... right?

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