Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I did have respect for London...

...then I saw their logo for the 2012 Olympics (click to see)! Hahahahha. I remember the comments we got when our logo was revealed, and the Province reminded me of one of my favs, "Gumby-with-a-rocket-launcher." Oh well, can't please everyone.

Stella, Ariel and I went to Walmart today. I got a new pizza pan and wok, since mine are literally falling apart (the coating is coming off in my food - yuck). Ariel was ok for the most part, but the new tooth is ripping through the gum today, so its been touch and go on her demeanor overall. I got her a really cute play castle that folds up really nice and small. Always good when you don't have a whole lot of space. She loved poking around it and realized she was strong enough to pick it up and throw it. Great...

Other news, Grammy sent Ariel an official University of Michigan cheerleader outfit. I think she got the spirit right away once it was put on, because I could bearly get a picture without her jumping off the stairs into daddy's arms. Will attempt it again later this week.

Ken is not getting home till late, has an info session tonight. Thus it was just the girls. Ariel had a bath and I put her to bed. Its sometimes easier when its just me at bedtime, she tends not to be such a drama queen. Poor daddy, she has him wrapped around her finger.

New radio station started, its pretty much the same music as before.... sooooooo yeah.... um, what was the big change? Oh right, you fired my fav morning show hosts. Sigh.

Ken just phoned, he is on the bus, yay. Goodnight, I am off to play with itunes. Whee.

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