Saturday, June 09, 2007

POP, and we have number 5!

Ariel is proudly showing off an impressive top front tooth! She just crying and nothing was making it better, so finally upon further looking, I noticed that within the past hour, her tooth had popped through the gum. Ouch. She is now happily sleeping, full of pain medicine. Kinda glad that the top teeth are coming in, so she won't look like a vampire anymore. Heh. Did I also mention her new favorite game is 'take mommy's cell phone and crawl up the stairs?' Yep, well it is, and you can see the proof. I don't like this game, I misplace my phone enough as it is.

Today we tagged along with Nana on her trip to Sears and Costco. Ariel wasn't real keen on Sears, as there weren't alot of people for her to watch, and she wasn't impressed with their baby clothes section. She has pretty good taste, so its hard to please her at times. Lol. Costco was ok until she realized she was tired and wanted to nap. Nana found her a baby Einstein music book and that kept her happy until we got through check out. Speaking of the Einstein stuff, they had all the big packs of dvds marked way down. I got the big 10 dvd set for half price! Good deal.

Ariel napped all the way home but woke up shortly after arriving at Nana's. She was pretty busy getting into everything, so we knew it was time to head home. I put on one of the new dvds while she had her lunch, and was quite entertained, so much so that I got my cupcakes baked. Either way, I need to get this girl hooked on something other than Jon Stewart.
During this time I got an email and I found out that the temporary plaque for my mom's memorial garden had a spelling mistake. Needless to say her name was misspelled... which actually isn't a big surprise, it happens all the time, I guess Vickie, with the 'e' on the end is weird to some people. Its strange cuz it seems to look nice to me, and wrong to others. So basically I had a breakdown.... not so much about the silly error, but I think everything leading up to this. I wrote a really emotional letter that is to be read in church tomorrow about the hardest moments since mom died. Not an easy thing to do. I think just to hear that yet again her name was spelled wrong was enough to push me over the edge. Being a perfectionist, it sometimes makes life hard, especially when you aren't in control over things. Add emotional nut-job on top of that, and you have me. Yay.

Feeling better about it now... I am not really mad, just frustrated that these things always seem to happen to me... Nana tried to remind me that Mom would have thought it was funny, as she went through life with this issue. I guess thats a difference between us, I am super sensitive and take things too seriously (not all the time, as I can be down right goofy) but when it comes to her, I want things perfect. In pure comic form, I looked to Ariel and said 'Aren't you glad you got Grandma's middle name of Lynn instead of the hard to spell Vickie?' Blank stare from Ariel.

Rest of the afternoon was spent decorating cupcakes while Ariel had the mother of all naps. It was close to 4 hours, I guess thats what happens when we head out shopping early. The cupcakes turned out awesome, as you can see, lots of cute flowers. I was cleaned up and even got several albums ripped and added to my ipod by the time princess woke up. Whee.

Its been a lazy evening, Ken is planning his class for church tomorrow, and I am ripping more cds, almost finished... boy I had a lot of them. Yikes, I guess the Jay loves music. But she also loves sleep, so I think I will finish up and head to bed, night!


Katrina said...

Wow, those are so pretty! Did you just tint regular icing and then pipe it with special tips?

Jay said...

Yeah, I made white icing, then separated a bit into several bowls to color it, then used my cake decorating bags and tips. Its lots of fun. :)

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