Friday, June 08, 2007

Life is never a re-run

Thank goodness Jon Stewart was back with new shows this week, Ariel was going through withdrawl. She also added a new sound to the library. I was showing her a picture of a fish, and she said Fffffffff. Oh, I am so proud.

Its been pretty busy around here. Sorry in the lack of posts, but I have had some work for the client this week and on top of that, have been out and about. Mommy on the move.

I have also been waking up rather late, thanks to the canning of my favorite wake up show on the radio. Actually, Ken has been too. Being the totally geek that I am, I joined the Nat and Drew facebook page, and it has actually been a real blast. I got email addresses of where to write and voice my disgust over the whole thing. If that wasn't enough, I got the link to write a letter to the editor of the Vancouver Sun newspaper.... heheh. When I got home from exercise class this morning, I found a message from a fact checker... MY LETTER IS GONNA BE IN THE PAPER ON MONDAY! Hahahahah. This is too cool and funny at the same time. Its nice to be heard, so keep your copy of the paper. I love Nat and Drew, and if this helps them out, I am all for it! Whee.

Not much else to say. Been a cooler week, which is always nice in our place. It was cool enough I could cook up a lemon chicken for dinner on Wednesday. Yum. Tonight is homemade pizza night, yay. Tomorrow Ken is gonna be downtown for the annual Pixar event, with a couple of the animators who come down. Its always a crazy time and I did consider going, but finding Ariel all day care isn't easy, plus the nursing issue makes it hard. Oh well. Ken wants me to come down sometime soon for lunch. He wants to show off Ariel I think. Soon, very soon.

Oh, the cops were out visiting our neighbours again. Yes, you know the ones. Sigh. Lets see if its really over this time... no high hopes. Blah.

Found out there will be another Hollywood Jesus gathering over new years! Very excited, as during the first one I was pregnant and very sick. This time we will have Ariel to tag along, and Ken might speak. That be fun and I am looking forward to it already.

Pastor Dave asked if I would write a letter about what has been difficult since my mom died, and how I dealt with it. I wrote it last night at 11pm, and I think its pretty good. Its honest, and thats hard sometimes. You want to lock it all up inside and not show how vulnerable you can be. Well, its gonna be out there on Sunday. Then we will have the garden dedicated. It will be good. Nana is organized a lovely lunch afterwards... I am making cupcakes, as it is Jo's birthday as well. Gonna make them extra pretty, just for her. So thankful to have her in our family, I love having a sister. Now if I could just get to be an auntie, lol. Kidding guys, no rush. Hehe.

So, Ariel is asleep and I am gonna have some lunch and relax, I love Fridays!

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Dynamitedianne said...

Cool about your letter getting in the paper. Can you scan me a copy?


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