Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Power of the People

When bad things happen, people always say, write a letter to complain... it doesn't always work.... but sometimes it does!

This morning Ken woke me up to hear something exciting on the radio... my first thought... NO WAY - WE DID IT! Nat and Drew are back on the air! I can't explain how cool this is. When I wrote my letter to the newspaper, emailed the company and posted on the facebook page, I did what I thought I could... then I somewhat prepared for change, because it had been a couple of weeks and nothing. So the surprise this morning was the best present I could ever ask for. Like I said in my letter, its the people that matter to me, not just the music. I got teased by a few people over the whole thing *cough cough, Mike, cough cough* but I guess I wasn't the only one who felt this way, eh?

This has really made me believe in the power of the people again, and we didn't have to do anything stupid! Just simple letters and comments can change things. Well, I am gonna go back to bed and listen to some friends. Its gonna be an awesome day!

EDIT: Just had to add what they wrote this time on the website this morning... it was just too cool. Hehe.

Vancouver's newest radio station, 95 Crave, signed on two weeks ago with a promise to do things differently.And in this case, differently meant fixing a mistake. Two weeks ago, morning show hosts Nat (Hunter) and Drew (Savage) were released from their contracts. Shortly thereafter, the e-mails started to arrive at the studios of 95 Crave. Thousands of them - lamenting the loss of Nat and Drew in the morning. Facebook groups sprouted in support of the pair. Letters to the editor were published In the Vancouver daily newspapers. We heard the voices and phone calls and read the e-mails and letters. And we fixed the mistake.It turns out Vancouver's Newest Morning Show is also one of Vancouver's Favourite Morning Shows: Nat and Drew in the Morning on 95 Crave. Nat and Drew have returned to the Vancouver airwaves!


Dynamitedianne said...

I'm so excited!! Now I don't have to find a radio station in Calgary to listen to! :)

Kim said...

Woot woot! Way to go Jay for helping to make a change for the better!!

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