Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Water Baby Ahoy!

Day 3 with the scab, yuck. This was right before we left for water babies, and it fell off when we got home. Will show an update tomorrow on scab-gate 2007.

I wish I had some pictures to share of Ariel's class, but until someone comes to watch us (Ken is coming on Friday) then we won't have any documented proof. So you will have to take my word. Its been a lot of fun and very informative. I didn't know what to expect going in, which is always good. We learned to go underwater. If you blow on a baby's face, they reflex by holding their breath. Cool! I heard it before, but its neat to try. Anyways, Ariel gets a big kick out of going underwater, unlike her 1 or 2 year old classmates. It was funny to see their parents say, 'look, the baby isn't crying when she goes underwater.'

We played some water games, sang some songs and basically got the kids use to the water. Today we were learning about front and back floats, practiced kicking and tried to blow bubbles. Kinda hard to get Ariel to do that, since she has no clue what I want her to do, so she just splashes. She loves her teacher, and has to give her hugs, awe. The neat thing we learned today was how to teach the kids about grabbing hold to the side of the pool. If they ever were to slip away, they would know that it was possible to grab out. Ariel was pro and impressed everyone with her strength to practically pull herself out of the pool.

Ariel is the youngest in class, everyone else is either one or two years old. Doesn't seem to phase her, as she smiles and waves to them. The one thing she didn't like so much today was wearing the PFD (personal floatation device). They gave her the smallest one, and yet it was still quite big on my little petite girly. She didn't like it pushing into her face and I think it made her mouth sore and she cried a bit. If that dang tooth would just come out, it be better. Sigh.

Didn't get around to blogging last night since we were watching 'Bridge to Terabithia' and got to bed late. I was pleased to see that it did follow the book well, and was as sad as I remembered from elementary school. Sigh. Its really a tragic story, but yet has an amazing message of hope in it. As a kid I remember being very upset by this book and had a hard time understanding it. I actually kinda want to read it again now. The one thing I found out watching the special features on the dvd was that the author wrote this book in response to her young son who had lost his best friend, she was on vacation and had been struck by lightening. She was about 7 at the time. It was interesting to learn the history of how the book happened, and the real story behind it. For Ken, who hadn't read it as a kid, it stuck a chord with him. He was sad when I talked to him a lunch time today. He was thinking about the connections in the movie since he planned on writing a review for Hollywood Jesus. Either way, its a sad movie...but well done.

Ariel and I headed to the mall today to pick out our items for the big sale tomorrow. We got a call the other day saying we could put our items on hold and then when everything is crazy tomorrow, all we have to do is pay. Nice. It worked out well as it was dumping rain and we got our walk inside the mall. Sweet. I found some great things for next summer. Kinda weird to be thinking a year from now, but its the way to go.

Ariel stuck her hand in the shape box and tried to pull out a block. That was pretty funny. She was starting to get that the certain shapes fit the different holes on the toy. She is really learning these days, its so cool to watch and learn with her.

Tonight I saw a great show about babies communication. It made me want to try some of the little tests they were doing with the babies. I was amazed at what Ariel was doing. I showed her the toy bunny and was pointing to the nose, saying nose, there is bunny's nose. Then asked her, where is bunny's nose. She actually pointed to the nose. Wow. We tried it with eyes and mouth, and used different toys and when she was interested, she would do it. She was getting distracted with her books and then daddy got home from his meeting and then I was nothing. Funny how daddy is the king. Works for me, I get to blog. Haha.

Tomorrow going out and about with Stella. Gonna pick up my tickets to Dancing with the Stars. Woot. I love free stuff. Then its another water class tomorrow evening. I can't believe how much it wears you out, I am ready for bed. Ugh.

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