Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Should be dancin'

Well Kara and I had a fun time last night. In a moment of sheer stupidness (is that a word?), I didn't take my camera, thinking I wouldn't be allowed to take pics... I was surprised to see I mistaken. There were camera flashes going off everywhere! Kara had hers, and I hope I can add a pic later from the show. (Edit, here is one, yay)Also, here is a shot of us, aren't we cute.

It was uber cheesy at times, but that made it really fun. That show was the last one of the tour, so it was filled with back and forth jokes and moments that might not have been seen on the regular shows. One big surprise was the presence of Apollo, season 4 winner. He was in Vancouver with his team, checking out the Olympics stuff and had to preform for the final show. The live band was great and there were some really amazing pro dance numbers as well. Lots of people, thus we didn't get home until 1130pm (actually sat in one place for nearly 40 min) and my ears were buzzing till 2am. All in the name of fun, whee.

This morning was up bright and early for coffee group, which is totally gonna mess me up since its usually on a Friday and its only Wednesday. Celebrated Nana's and Fran's birthdays, and even Ariel got a gift for her upcoming b-day! It was a cute 'A' with an old fashion Winnie the Pooh. Awe. Ariel had fun in the garden and playing with Sophia and Laylay (as she is called for short) who came by as well with their Grandma.

Had a good nap in the afternoon and went to swimming class. Ariel is getting better and better with her back floats! She didn't cry as much this time, the other little gal doesn't like them either, must be a common thing.

The new front tooth is showing more of itself today, which I think it helping Ariel's overall mood and sleeping patterns. She going through the night again, yay. She always has one wake up in the night when a tooth is coming, funny eh?

The RSVPs are rolling in for Ariel's big birthday celebration, its very exciting! But instead of working on b-day things tonight I had some work from a client come in, so I had Ken take princess for a walk so I could get it wrapped up fast. Now its pretty much bedtime... or perhaps some Daily Show... hee.


Jeremy & Erin said...

Hey Janet, I'm so glad you enjoyed the show, we did to! Thats a bummer you didn't have a camera, I almost didn't bring mine for the same reason. I posted a few shots on my facebook, you can always take some of those. I didn't know how to use my camera with that sort of lighting, so they didn't turn out great.

I love that "A" you got Ariel, its SOO adorable, where did you get it?

Take care, Erin

Jay said...

Yeah, I saw your pics, they are pretty good. Concert lighting is tricky, and part of me wanted to enjoy things rather than trying to take pictures all night and making sure I didn't lose it either... but I still wish I brought it.

I totally forgot to mention about Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo being there. Lol, love that you got a pic of them. Woot, star power in Vancouver! Hahah

The 'A' was a birthday gift to Ariel from one of the ladies at coffee group so I am not sure where she got it, but I have seen them for sale at Rembrants and in either Hallmark or Carlton Cards (can't remember which) I love old fashion Winnie the Pooh. :)

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