Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Step by step!

No not the NKOTB song, haha. That was Ariel this morning while Stella and Kara were here. Yes, our little girl took her FIRST few steps!!! About 4 to be exact, before the room was filled with screaming. LOL. Poor Ariel was pretty confused and had her mouth hanging open. Either way, another thing to add to the baby book, and another step out of baby-land and into toddler-hood. Sniff.

Another exciting thing today was the mail. No, my stupid Harry Potter book still isn't here. Blah. Ariel got her first birthday gift in the mail!!! It was through our Born in August board we are members of. We had a birthday exchange and she got the cutest little dresses and a new hair clip. She was pretty excited to try it on as you can see. Wow, her first birthday gift. Cool.

Also in the mail today arrived the much needed frog pod for the bathtub. It attaches to the wall to hold all the toys. Even holds the soap and bath wash. The back is a scoop, so when bath is done, scoop up the toys and hang to dry, whee. Very cool.

Tonight is the big show. I shall give the whole scoop tomorrow. Have a good one!


Dianne said...

Gasp! I love the frog pod!! I love just saying "frog pod"!!

Dianne said...

(Where did you get it?)

Jay said...

The frog pod, yes I love to say it too. I got online at www.pinkyblue.ca (they have a store in richmond) Totally worth it, and I do think you will need one for your little one! :) And yes, to find it in the search, you have to put frog pod. LOL

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