Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mall victory!

Ok, at this particular moment, Ken is playing scary movies themes on Ariel's toy piano. Eek. What happened to kid friendly songs. Sounds like they moved to the Muppet theme. All safe. Day 4 of Scab-gate 2007. As you can see, still red, but the scab itself has fallen off. Makes it look less nasty. Yay.

Today was our grand shopping day with Stella down in Richmond. Whee. Started off by picking up my tickets to Dancing with the Stars at the radio station. Can't wait, I need a girls night out. Then off to the mall for lots of shopping. There were uber sales and found some great deals. I had my gymbucks stuff set aside from yesterday, so I picked it up. While there, we ran into Lesley and the kids Cam and Nicole.

Bought the bag of goodies, along with my favorite tomato dress!!! Yay! Yes, I am a dork. Blah. Went to Please Mum, love that place. Got a little outfit for each Carter and Issac's birthdays. Stella thought it be fun to have another baby day before Kara goes back to school, and we can celebrate all three birthdays. That will be fun. So, being the prepared girl I am, I got the presents early. Very cute! Its different shopping for boys clothes. Plus, I have to think, what they would put the boys in, I would have been getting the silly lobster shirts... but decided they might not be appreciated the same way. Haha.

One other exciting find at the store was the little velour track suit. She got a real cute one last year from Natalie and Peter when she was born, and we used it all the time. This year the brown is a bit lighter and the style is different, but I know we will get lots of wear out of it. Nothing better than comfy clothes in winter... and cute to boot!

Had lunch at the mall, we had pizza, Ariel ate a whole piece of garlic toast. Made for a VERY stinky diaper later. Did a bit more shopping, then headed to the fabric store where I got some cool organza for my tables at Ariel's birthday. I rented a light green table cloths and the fabric will be used to give it a fairy like touch. Then I can use it later for other crafty things. Big score, only 5 bucks meter on sale. Sweet!

Ariel had fun as usual at the fabric store. Crawling around with a piece of fabric, putting it on her head to play peak a boo. She even crawled on to a shelf this time and was quite happy just to sit there. What a goof.

Came home and napped. Made yummy bok choy stir fry for dinner, then left for swimming. From the full group we started with, we are down to 3 kids... thats including Ariel. Apparently, the kids weren't that keen about the water. Kinda too bad, but Ariel continues to do well and impress her teacher. We practiced floats and tows again. This time we went through a tunnel with stickers, so while on their backs they could see the pictures. It really makes a difference and calms them, since being on the back is somewhat scary. Ariel would squeal every time it was our turn, she loved it. She always enjoys high fives with teacher. This has been so much fun, I totally suggest everyone get to try this.

After class, Ken picked us up and we stopped at Nana's for a quick visit and a piece of pie. Stella and Monica happened to see our car and walked in with Holly the dog. Ariel was thrilled! She played with her, and admired her tags. Our little girl just loves animals, which we couldn't be prouder of.

Then she moved on to peas in the bucket. Tossing them all over the deck. Then transferring them from one bucket to the other. A farm girl indeed she is.

Enjoy some video footage too.

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jilltan said...

What a cutie!! What great deals!! Sami had black velour track suit just like the one you bought Ariel! Hope her nose heals up really soon -- porr thing!

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