Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Visitor from beyond....

Ok, its not space... but Alberta is far way enough! Ariel is already looking for you Dianne! Yes, we got a call that my friend is in town and is planning on dropping in for a visit with us this Thursday! Yay! We are very excited. Its been awhile, and as much as I love reading up on her via blog, in person is so much more fun. I shall dust off the good tea pot. Whee!

It was more of a normal day... which we needed BADLY! Ariel was so off schedule the past few days, resulting in little to no naps, thus adding to her already cranky, teething self. Blah. I wish that dang tooth just would show up already. Ariel got a huge nap today, 1230 till 4pm. It was HEAVEN! She awoke as if a rainbow was over her crib. Lots of smiles, hugs and kisses... even a mama! (Since we usually only get dada, this was extra cool).

Had to go pick up Ken tonight at the loop since the lame bus didn't show up again. I feel another phone call to customer service coming on. Good thing I had an online meeting tonight for my 10 year high school reunion to distract me... or it might have ended up like the last call I made. Which in hind sight is rather funny... crazy, hormonal woman... oh yea, good times.

Tonight I worked on Ariel's birthday invitations. Oh man are they looking cool! I am so pleased, especially after the somewhat bad photo shoot we had on the weekend. Ariel wasn't happy (dang tooth) and so all the pictures weren't what I had in mind... so after looking through them again yesterday, I had a 'brain fart' as Ken would say, and came up with a better idea that I originally had. Whee! Took them to the store to get printing, and when Ken picked them up while I was in my meeting, the counter girl asked if they were professionally done!!! Yay, thats the kinda complement that makes my day. Speaking of my little business, I have had 2 inquires about possible work projects, just through Facebook. Very cool. Guess its good for something other than stalking, haha.

Anyhoo, got the first half of the invites done, next comes the inside stuff, then addressing and sending... my goal, is to have them gone by the weekend... but we shall see. Must be out by the 14th, as that is the official month count down, yikes. She will be a year next month... wow, that went fast.

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