Monday, July 16, 2007

First Blood

No, its no Rambo, its Ariel. She got herself a dandy of a cut on her nose today, and it bled. A lot, which was surprising since its so tiny, but I guess when its on the face and its moving more, it bleeds more. Gross. I had to put her in her high chair and feed her lunch to distract her enough so I could clean it. Believe it or not, that was the work of a finger nail. Crazy. I rather not have that again, as she looks rather silly with a scab on her nose. I guess this is just the beginning right? Sigh.

Not much to report today. Went out for our regular morning walk and shopping. Got some corn on the cob for dinner, and dropped off the last invites to the post office. Came home, had lunch and napped. Well, someone napped, I cleaned. Whee.

Ken came home, we had dinner and went for a walk. Decided to rent some movies since monday is cheap rental night. Its kinda crazy how much they charge for new rehearsals, even at the local video place, not the big mega chain. So we saved a few bucks and have them for 2 nights. Finally gonna see the Bridge to Terabitha one. I have heard they DID in fact keep to the original story, even though the trailer TOTALLY made it look like a different plot altogether. I shall report back.

Ran into Walt, Wendy and Abby out for dinner at the Boot. Geneva is off at camp, so younger sister Abby is quite happy with all the attention. Hehe. Had a quick visit, then home so that princess could bath and be in bed by 9pm. Mission accomplished.

Tomorrow is her first water babies class. I am so excited. Heheh.

Other big news, at least to me. Its Gymbucks day this week! I got my call and I have my collection of bucks to spend and get me some bargains. They also mentioned to check the website to see the new line. Well, I nearly died! ITS A TOMATO LINE!!!! This is as close as I can get to having Killer Tomato clothes for Ariel. Hahah. Yes, I am crazy. I love tomatoes, and can't wait to get the uber cute dress with little tomatoes all over it. Heheh. Soooooooo many pictures once this is purchased. Brew ha ha.

Ok, its monday music moment time again. I am feeling rather in the mood for 80's. I am loving Crave 95's new mix, which includes lots of great stuff I haven't heard in ages. Even Ken is hooked, so yay. Lets take it back to the days when I had a poster of Bon Jovi on my wall. Hahahah. Ariel was dancing to this song tonight... I guess it was bound to happen.


Brenda said...

Oh, be still my heart...LOVE that man!

Poor Ariel's nose....darn fingernails!

kelly said...

i have seriously lost count how many scabs Taeya has had on her nose from her fingernails in her sleep. And then she picks them over (accidentally) and they last longer.
so this may be the first of many...
have fun at the water babies class! I'm been meaning to do that forever, but still haven't :(
you'll have a blast, i'm sure!

Dianne said...


SarahRachel said...

Yeah, Jackson had a scab in the EXACT same place! He fell off the couch when Alan was watchin him. But it cleared up in three or four days which was pretty good! Let me know how Bridge to Terabithia was! I loooved that book and never saw the movie!

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