Friday, March 10, 2006

More ultrasounds...

So the doctor's office calls me at lunch to let me know they got the file from my ultrasound appointment and that they want me to go back in a few weeks for another one. Turns out my stubborn child was in a bad position (curled up) for getting a good clear view at the heart and kidneys. At first I panic and then I reasure myself that I saw for myself that the baby was in an awkward postition and that this is all it is. Those pictures of the heart are important so no worrying must I do. Its all fine.

We also booked our 3D/4D ultrasound for later this month, so I will be all ultrasounded out. I must admit I am looking forward to that one. You see so much detail and its a great way to bond with baby. I was looking at the images on their website this morning, amazing.

Other news, the stupid internet connection keeps going down and the providers of our service will be getting a nasty call from me if it continues. I usually don't mind but all afternoon is a bit much. Also this weekend Ken and I are seeing Agata and Rick who are fresh back from India.

Ken is preparing for his regular trip to Calgary and Edmonton. He is hoping to see some friends while there, including cutie Theron who is a year old this weekend! Ken got the honor of seeing him last year, just a few weeks old. I have yet to see him, except in pictures. Blah.

I am feeling a lot better today after much rest yesterday. My throat is still scratchy but I will live. I want to go to Costco and I must be well to do so.

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