Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sitting alone with a hippo

Day 2 of husband out of town went pretty good. I am super emotional today which isn't a help to the situation. I think only a few crying episodes, but still enough to make me on edge.

This morning I finished putting together the baby's changetable/dresser. Yay. It took alot out of me but it was worth it. Finally the room has the baby feel. Hee. Can't wait to get the rest in and then add a baby! WHEEEEEEEEEE

So at about 330pm the power went out. Thought it be a quick thing but it lasted a good hour. Long enough to almost mess with my dinner plans. Ate a bit later than I wanted to but was worth the wait, hmmm, steak.

Hippo has been my friend today, huzzah, but I will be happy when my Kenny gets home on friday morning. Miss my boy.

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