Saturday, March 18, 2006

What day is it again?

So Ken returned Friday morning, YAY! We went to the local coffee cafe and got some breakfast, yum. Ran into Nana and the girls so visited with them for a bit. Then went to the video store to rent something for me, as Ken would be in front of the computer most of the evening. Got "In her shoes", it was really good, and I enjoyed it.

Helped Ken with some of his images for the book, can you believe that its almost finished! Sure Ken will be a zombie by the end but hey, he is an in print zombie. Hee.

This Wednesday, we find out the answer to the question that is driving us all nuts. Are we having a boy or girl. Insert cheesey music here. I am a little in shock we are finally going to find out. This 3D/4D ultrasound is very cool and I can't wait to see the little one's face and features. Its like a coming attractions preview at the movies. Wow.

In other news, Jeff and Marie found out that their one baby is actually two babies. Whoa, crazy times. Ken turned from the computer upon reading that and spoke to my tummy, "you are just one right?" Lol.

Have a pedicure this afternoon, woot. Be nice to get pampered for a bit, after the crazy week of being alone. Baby I think enjoys the relaxation too.

Baby, I guess you won't be referred to that much longer. It will be nice to call you by name. It would be even better to hold you. Soon, very soon. Seems far away but, time flies and you will be with us. Can't wait.

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