Saturday, March 04, 2006

All by myself.....

Stupid Celine Dion song stuck in my head. Hehe. Mostly because Ken is going to be gone alllllll day. After his classes end at 430pm he is putting in some time to animate stuff for the CD that goes with his book. So its gonna be a long day.

My depression or blahs as I have been calling it, seems to be better today. All week I had this dragging sadness. To try and perk me up, Ken brought me a hippo from the telus store, as he stopped to get me some info I had asked for. He is pretty cute, so I have a new friend to keep me company. Plus now at Christmas, Ken can sing the hippo song for baby with a real hippo. WHEE!

Got our taxes done yesterday, woot! Its a good year! After the huge mistake was made last year, when the person in charge of my tax deductions from my paycheck wasn't removing the right amount, this was a nice surprise. Next year is gonna be crazy with us having to do an American tax return as well for the book money Ken receives. At least we are gonna be able to cash in on the payments he makes to his American student loan, which is almost gone, so at least we can do that once. Speaking of which, boy are we glad we did the regular payments on that loan rather than just send all the cash at once. With the Canadian dollar at an all time high, we aren't losing as much in the exchange. When we got married it was like an American dollar was worth $1.50 Canadian. So we are glad to see the tide turning.

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