Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Hair

The haircut was a success! Its now ultra layers and Ken says it makes me look like a mommy. I'd take a picture to post but I'm not looking so good in the face department. Breakout city, gotta love pregnancy. Awe! Overall, it was nice to be pampered for an hour and afterwards I made my way to get a Quizno sub. Hee.

Good news, mailboxes are back! YAY. I really like to know who wanted to break into them. My suspicion is that someone lost their key and tried to pry open the box. Thus leading to the manager thinking someone is breaking into them. Anyhoo, they are back and I am happy!

Last night was pretty mellow. Had a nice dinner with Ken. He then went to work on his book and I did some cross stitching on my baby project. There wasn't alot on tv last night. Watched some of the American Idol guys, I really haven't liked any of them that much yet. Next week America's Next Top Model starts, woot. That show is so good for crazy antics, and much needed for midweek. What can I say, I like cheesey tv.

This saturday, my friend Cindy from high school is bringing her daughter Samantha down to watch me paint for awhile. She is in Brownies earning a badge for art, and one thing she has to do is watch an artist work. LOL, how cute! I remember doing stuff like that. So she will watch me do some watercolor and hopefully won't be bored to tears. Can't believe how fast she is growing up. When our christmas card arrived from them, both kids are like weeds. Its going to be so weird when thats our family. Crazy.

Ultrasound next wednesday morning, 6 days to go. I was reading what I have to do before arriving... hello, I have to drink uber amounts of water and then I can't go to the bathroom until its over. GOOD GRIEF! Are they nuts! Whats strange is that for the 3D ultrasound that we may get done as well, you don't have to do that! Weird.

I was reading through my baby book that I have finally started filling out. One thing I came across was this section to write the advice people give you. Thats one thing I really haven't had. I may change it to, people who are convinced on what your having. Personally, I don't care what my baby is, boy or girl. What is starting to upset me, or more so because I am an emotional beanpole these days, is when everyone is so sure its one or the other. People, you can only guess, and its 50/50 so yes the odds are good, but remember it sometimes comes across as a tad rude.

My family was at the point this past weekend where they called my tummy Logan, our boy's name. I have from the beginning thought it was a boy, more so because of the family history, Ken thinks its a girl, but since we don't know, I really don't want to go up to people and say anything unless I know for sure. So guess away, but please don't say, its one or the other, don't want to give baby a complex.

Sorry to rant, but the emotions are sky high this week. Ugh. Crying over everything isn't my idea of fun. Ok, I really want cake now....

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