Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Blahs

I really enjoyed yesterday, having Ken take the day off was very nice. We had the ultrasound done at 1045am and were finished by 1130am. It was so strange to see a little person on the screen. Wriggled alot but seemed very happy curled up in a ball. I told the lab tech thats how I sleep. Hee. I'd like to point out that they warm the gel they put on the stomach now, sooooo nice. But overall the experience was overwhelming, not to mention at the time they were playing that "I will take care of you" by Amy Sky song on the radio in the clinic. Gack, thats a movie moment right?

Afterwards we went to Earls for lunch with a gift certificate we had saved up. I had a wonderful steak lunch and Ken had some sort of chilli thing. Once stuffed we headed to Toys r us to order of change table/dresser combo. Woot. Baby has furniture coming. YAY. Gets delieved on monday, can't wait.

We then drove to Michaels so Ken could buy some clay. I was really tired at this point. The rain had been pouring all day and I was cold and moody. Went by safeway to grab something for dinner and came home. At about 7pm my head got very sore and plugged up. This continued through the night and I got about an hour of sleep. Ugh.

At 8am this morning, I got up, got sick, then fell asleep on the couch till noon. My head is starting to drain and the pounding headache is going. Not feeling that great but seeing the emails from everyone looking at baby's picture really made me smile.

And yes, I think the baby has Ken's head.

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